What does a good newspaper contain?

What is a newspaper

I am sure you know Newspapers. You might even get a newspaper home every morning. But what are newspapers actually and what features do you have? Newspapers existed in ancient times. The first "modern" newspaperappeared in 1605 in Leipzig, initially four times, later six times a week. Newspapers are supposed to get the population over inform current events.

Characteristics of a newspaper

A newspaper got topublic, current, regularlyand thematicallyfullbe.Public means a newspaper for accessible and accessible to everyone have to be. For example, it has to be sold in public. Current means that the newspaper is with current issues concerned and reported on them. So it reports current events. A newspaper always has to regularlyappear. That doesn't mean it has to come every day. Newspapers often only appear weekly or monthly.

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If a newspaper appears at least four times a week, we'll name itDaily newspaper.If it appears less often, we'll name itWeekly newspaper.

Diverse means a newspaper many subjects handle extensively got to. There are categories in many newspapers politics, economy, Culture, Local and Sports.

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We call these important characteristics of a newspaperpublicity(public), Topicality(current), Periodicity(regularly) anduniversality(diverse).

Types of text in a newspaper

In a newspaper there are various articles that too different types of text belong. There are three categories: the news, the Opinion contributionsand entertainingContributions.

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News - news in brief, report, report

To category news belong News in briefthat only reproduce an event in a headline and a few sentences. Also the classic message belongs to this. They provide brief details about an event. You get extensive details and background information in onereport.

This is a bit more personal, but still part of factual news report. In it a report is told and the atmosphere is also presented.

Often appear in newspapers too Interviews, they cannot be directly assigned to any category. These consist of a question-and-answer interview and are often conducted with politicians or celebrities.

Opinion contributions - commentary, glossary, letter to the editor

Also Opinion contributionsappear in newspapers, but are always clearly separated from neutral and factual news. They include, for example Comments. In them, an editor takes a critical position and expresses his personal opinion.

In the gloss a personal opinion is also expressed, but on a factual and entertaining level. Reviews are book, film or theater reviews. The author's personal opinion is also shown here.

In Letters to the editor the readers have their say and can express their opinion.

Entertainment - short stories, anecdotes, poems

You can also find it in many newspapers entertaining contributions how Newspaper novels, Short stories or AnecdotesorCalendar stories. Sometimes jokes, comics or appearances Poems in newspapers.

Well you know everything important about the newspaper! You can share your knowledge with review our tasks. Have fun and good luck!

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