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Gas light and gas lanterns from Berlin, already included in the World Monuments Watch in 2014, held their Watch Day on Monday, May 18, 2015 from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. in the Charlottenburg town hall, including presentations and a panel discussion, from 10 p.m. with a guided tour of the gas lanterns in the Bus. This series of celebratory educational events was supported by the World Monuments Fund (WMF).


Speakers included: representatives of the two main organizers on site, Gaslicht-Kultur e.V. and Denk mal an Berlin e.V .; Prof. Dr. Marino Manin, Croatian Museum of History in Zagreb, a capital that operates its 224 original gas lanterns in the historic city center, lights them by hand every evening, protects and entertains them; Dr. Peter Burman, Art and Heritage Consultant, Edinburgh, Scotland / UK, author of the expert report on the importance of the legacy of Berlin gas lamps and lanterns as and for the world heritage; a representative of the World Monuments Fund. More information can be found at:


Watch Days, only launched in 2012, give local communities the opportunity to advocate for exceptional cultural heritage sites with the aim of giving them a better and deeper understanding of these important sites. The events are financially supported in whole or in part by the World Monuments Fund.


WMF President Ms. Bonnie Burnham stated, "Watch Day is an opportunity for local communities around the world to get involved in their very own World Monuments Watch sites. We are very happy to see the activities taking place at these events. and sincerely hope that they will help to develop a greater appreciation for these important sites. "


The Watch Day for Berlin's gas street lighting on May 18, 2015 was very topical, not only for Berlin, but for all of Germany, because there is a risk that after the current budget discussions in the House of Representatives of the city or the state of Berlin the Gas light on the streets and squares of the capital is put out according to plan, except for a remainder. Half of the world's gas street lights in Berlin are still standing, over 36,000 (in 2012 there were 44,000). Berlin still has a unique cultural and historical treasure, its quarter-wide and ensemble gas lights, which are an integral part of the urban identity and silent witnesses of the eventful history of Berlin over the past 190 years.


In his welcoming address for the (international) Open Monument Day in Germany in September 2014, Federal President Joachim Gauck stated: "This year the motto is" Color ". But the colors of the night and their lighting also belong to the colors of our world for example to the efforts to preserve the historic gas lanterns in Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, Dresden and Düsseldorf.


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The biennial World Monuments Watch campaign was launched in 1996 with the generous financial support of founding sponsor American Express to raise international awareness of the world's cultural heritage, that of the forces of nature and the effects of social, political and economic life Change is threatened. For many of these endangered historic sites, inclusion in World Monuments Watch provides the opportunity to raise public awareness, enable local participation in conservation, provide financial and material resources for conservation, promote innovation and collaboration, and effective, exemplary solutions to show. Since its inception, WMW / WMF has helped more than 600 sites around the world. In the course of this work, World Monuments Watch has evolved into a powerful tool that is critical to understanding and overcoming the challenges that monument conservation is facing today.





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