Why is Brian Bi famous

Bisexuals are often not naturally integrated in the gay scene. They are accused of denying their sexual orientation in order to avoid attacks by outsiders. Such views are mostly spread behind closed doors - they contradict too much what "we" write about every year for the season of the nationwide Christopher Street Days. Keywords: tolerance, free love ...

Bisexuality - A form of expression of sexuality

Bisexuals often appear less in public than homosexuals; they are more in line with a social norm. It is difficult to determine their share in the total population. In 1948, the American zoologist and sex researcher Dr. Alfred Charles Kinsey a study of human sexuality. She brought surprising things to light: According to this, 90-95% of people are bisexual to a certain extent, and very few have only one or no sexual inclination at all. In later studies, however, this proportion fell steadily. As the public presence increased, so did the rejection.

Bi relationship - is that even possible?

A relationship - regardless of the sexes - is always in the interests of one another. The question of the fulfillment of sexual and social desires arises on both sides and in every constellation. And nobody should be deprived of the ability or the chance to prove oneself in these matters. A bisexual weighs up these things like anyone else. You shouldn't declare him incapable of relational beforehand.

Do I know bisexuals?

Brian Molko and Michael Stipe are famous musicians. Brian Molko, well-known singer in the band Placebo, came out at the end of his teenage years. Michael Stipe, head of the alternative band R.E.M., did not want to define his sexuality for a long time. He had long relationships with both men and women.
The famous Swiss-German poet and writer Hermann Hesse wrote his work "Demian" in 1917. He is said to have autobiographical traits, indirectly something of Hesse's alleged bisexuality would come to light.


Bisexuals are always welcome visitors to dbna! In general, one should judge one's fellow human beings less by their inclinations than by their character. Sexuality