What does nobody tell you about relationships

Pregnancy and childbirth - what nobody will tell you beforehand

The image of pregnancy that is shaped in our society, the pleasant feeling of relaxation, the longing anticipation, the pink unicorns on soft clouds and the scent of sensual massage oils and sweet eating habits - all a hoax?

In the book "Pregnancy and Birth - What Nobody Tells You Before" you will find out firsthand what it is really(!) means to be pregnant and to give birth to a child. Nora describes all of her personal experiences transparently, honestly and without mincing words.

"In the course of my pregnancy and also in the course of the birth, I often thought to myself: - If I had known that earlier! - Things happen to you, your body and your relationship that nobody, not even your family, friends or the midwife, will talk to you about. "

You will take part exclusively in Nora's pregnancy and learn how the life of a competitive athlete, stewardess and wife develops - from the desire to have children to the small family in beautiful Hamburg. Prepare for one thing: Clear text is spoken here!

“I am sure that every reader can already guess from the title that this book is not only about positive, but also about negative experiences, experiences and feelings. I now know that the majority, if not all, of women experience things during their pregnancy that they find hard to believe, feel bad and have negative thoughts with them. It's not bad, it's perfectly normal. Hushing up these feelings and experiences makes it all the more difficult not only for you, but also for all the women who at some point find themselves in the same situation. "

From funny quirks to honest testimonials, you will find in this book valuable tips and great momentsthat not only support the expectant mom, but also the expectant dad.

The book "Pregnancy and Birth - What Nobody Tells You Before" is perfect for womenwho are currently pregnant, would like to have children at some point or already have children and also helps the manto finally understand his wife better.

“For all women and families out there, I speak plain language and I am super happy to be able to help other people and share my experiences with them. I wish all readers much joy. - Nora "

Get your copy now and be amazed by Nora's exciting experiences.