Which zodiac sign is the most intuitive

How good is your intuition. Based on your zodiac sign.

What is the intuition?

Intuition is the summary of all our "supernatural" abilities. Some just call it “gut instinct” but whatever we call it, it is the ability to “feel” something without evidence, argument or physical contact. We just know in the moment and can seldom explain it.

Every zodiac sign has an intuitive ability. Here I explain to you which ability is particularly pronounced in which zodiac sign.

Aries: He is an intuitive energy sensor

It is amazing how Aries perceives energy around them. Energy flows within each of us. When we love, hate or whatever emotion, this energy vibrates at a different frequency and Aries can feel it with a little practice.

Aries is a natural empath, but most Aries see this more as their weak point. Therefore, they usually start to build a hard shell around themselves to hide this weak point. They are particularly good at feeling when danger is approaching. Something in your soul feels the energy when something comes up to you or to those you love. Follow us here on Instagram.

Taurus: He senses enemies long before they show their "real face".

Taurus has a never ending thirst for affection. They love to give and receive joy and happiness and that is absolutely instinctive with them. When others try to break through their "protective wall", a bull feels this long before they approach the wall. He can literally feel who wants to step into his life to harm him. Follow us here on Instagram.

Gemini: A mind reader by nature

For the air sign, the world is an endless adventure of ideas, words and thoughts. The air has the ability to carry souls and energies from here to the most distant places.

Gemini as a child of the air guided by Mercury has the unique ability to “read” others simply by being next to them. And do you know why they can? It is their sheer curiosity, their penetrating gaze and the child in them that wants to discover everything. Follow us here on Instagram.

Cancer: a true empath

The zodiac sign ruled by the moon is designed to act intuitively. Even if they often don't want to admit it, their "gut feeling" is damn often right! If you are a Cancer, then you know that you are a zodiac sign that lives on its intuition.

Cancer recognizes every change in the heart and emotions of people who are important to them, and always based on its "gut feeling". Follow us here on Instagram.

Leo: He looks right into your heart

The Leo may be very active, no-nonsense, and extroverted, but they have a secret part that few can really read. Why? Because they know they have a special gift.

The lion can feel what a strange heart feels. They can compassionate by nature and so much that it hurts them when someone they care about suffers from heartbreak. Once a Leo masters this ability, he can actually change the world and help other people. Follow us here on Instagram.

Virgo: You can feel when you are sick.

Virgo feels relatively quickly when something is wrong around her. You can literally “smell” problems before others can even tell. In addition, they can feel the energy in all living beings and feel their state of health.

This is why they often become great doctors, vets, and nurses because they know exactly when something is wrong. Follow us here on Instagram.

Libra: Intuitive peace maker

Everything is energy to Libra. Even at a young age, Libra senses what is happening around them and realizes beautiful things much sooner than others can. Therefore, they can feel the balance of nature much better than anyone else.

A Libra needs peace around them as they are strongly connected to nature and their personal surroundings. Peace is their medicine. Follow us here on Instagram.

Scorpio: a natural hunter of secrets

If you've ever met a Scorpio, you'll agree that no one can hide secrets from them. It's really amazing how they can even sense your need for you to keep things away from them.

They have a "natural lie detector" that beeps every time you try to mess with their mind. A Scorpio can also sense when a good opportunity presents itself, like a treasure hunter who comes across something hard with his shovel.

When they sense that this opportunity is perfect for them, they will search with determination and power for whatever you want to hide from them. Follow us here on Instagram.

Sagittarius: Intuitive wisdom

The Sagittarius strives to gain as much wisdom as possible afterwards. Therefore, they are instinctively drawn to good and bad teachers in life to guide their way through the mysteries of this world through them.

As they grow up, they learn to know the truth and follow the brightest minds until they become one of them. You are destined to learn for a lifetime, and you will not rest until you gain wisdom. Follow us here on Instagram.

Capricorn: Instinctively successful

Capricorns know how to develop in society in order to be successful. How do they do it? These people have the amazing ability to sense who is powerful around them, they instinctively know which step is necessary to get ahead.

Although they work hard and deserve what they get, one of the secrets of their success is that they attract people to help them. Follow us here on Instagram.

Aquarius: He can instinctively change his own reality.

One of the most powerful zodiac signs when it comes to intuition is Aquarius. Why this? We all live surrounded by a vibrating energy called "CHI". This energy flows through all living and non-living beings.

Everything we do has an effect on converting to CHI again. And Aquarius is the one who can feel everything through which the CHI flows. You know what's going on. And when you learn to listen to these feelings, it is you who can really affect your reality. Follow us here on Instagram.

Pisces: Intuitive medium

Fish are a naturally born medium. These people can feel spiritual energies from a very young age and they can feel the flow of life.

Although this spiritual activity manifests itself mostly only in dreams later in life, you can learn to help people by "looking into" them.

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