Have you fought in life

Poetry and Philosophy: Words to the Deceased

That night you left us
peaceful, quiet and unexpected.
We will miss you infinitely
but in our hearts you will be forever.

Your path is over now
and quietly came the night.
We thank you for everything
what you did for us.

A voice that was so familiar to us is silent.
A person who was always there for us is no longer alive.
Memory is the only thing we have left.
Nothing brings you back, but in ours
Heart you are always with us.

You don't see the garden green anymore,
in which you once managed to be so happy
don't see your flowers bloom anymore,
because death took your strength away from you.
What you gave us out of love
every thank you is too small for that,
what we have lost in you
we only know that all by ourselves.

If we grant you the rest too,
our heart is full of sadness.
See your suffering
and can't help
was our greatest pain

All ups and downs passed over you.
When the strength ran out
it wasn't dying, it was redemption.

You gave us so much
you loved us so much
So long you fought
you loved to live
So happy then, almost recovered
we have seen you again.
So incredible, so fast and so early
so suddenly you're no longer there.

Rest softly and sleep in peace
thank you very much for your trouble,
even if you are divorced from us,
in our hearts you never die.

What you gave in life
any thanks are too small for that.
You took care of your loved ones
from morning to night, day in, day out.

Your way to the light:
If it were possible,
we'd like to hug you one last time
and press very firmly to us.
If it were possible,
would we tell you
that we will always love you.
You would probably want
that we don't mourn forever because where you are now
there is no pain and no suffering.
If it were possible,
accept the inevitable and rejoice,
that you found the way to the light and now have an abundance of life.

You made it, you made it
until sickness took away your strength.
You are released from all pain
but you live on in our hearts

You are no longer where you were
but always where we are.

No matter where we are:
There you are too!

Thoughts - moments
they will remind us of you
make you happy and sad
and never let it be forgotten.

And there are always traces of your life somewhere.

If love could do miracles
and tears wake the dead,
we wouldn't be like that for a long time
cover with cool earth.

Our heart wants to hold you.
Our love embraces you.
Our minds have to let you go.
Because your strength was at an end and your redemption was grace.

One last "Gl├╝ck-Auf"!

We are sad that you passed away.
We are grateful that you existed.

The leaves fall, fall as if from afar,
as if distant gardens withered in the heavens;
they fall with a negative gesture.
And in the nights the heavy earth falls
out of all the stars into solitude.
We all fall. That hand falls.
And look at others: it is in all.
And yet one is who this falling
holds infinitely gently in his hands.
Rainer Maria Rilke

You loved us
you were our life in joys and sorrows,
in common.
You looked after us, gave everything
your busy hands were always ready.
Now rest in peace
when our heart cries too
we are reunited in God's kingdom.

Put everything quietly in God's hands
the happiness, the pain,
the beginning and the end.

Commit your ways to the Lord
he'll do it well.
Psalm 37: 5

Your good heart has stopped beating
and yet wanted so much to be with us.
God helps us to bear this pain
because without you some things will be different.