What do you do after civil engineering

Pipeline builder career

What fields are there?

Apprenticeship as a pipeline builder

If you have successfully completed all of your exams, you can work as a pipeline constructor and apply. You can usually find jobs in companies that are active in the civil engineering sector.

Specialization opportunities

If you haven't had enough of learning after completing your apprenticeship, you as a pipeline constructor have the opportunity to take part in specialization courses. You will find offers in the areas of water, well and mining or gas, water and district heating supply. As a pipeline builder, you can also learn special welding processes.

Foreman / foreman

If you want to advance professionally after your training, you should consider further training. Immediately after your apprenticeship, you can, for example, train to become a foreman or foreman. Building on this, you can of course take a foreman exam.


If you would like to take on a management or special role later, we recommend continuing education to become a technician specializing in structural engineering. It can be taken with a focus on civil engineering.


And if you have your high school diploma in your pocket, it is even possible that you will still do your bachelor's degree and become an engineer. The civil engineering course ideally builds on the content from your training as a pipeline constructor.