What makes a good competitive analysis

Competitive analysis: examine the competition in your market!

The online survey of the eBundesanzeiger also revealed what most users use the offer on the market for:

Company information (42.21%)

By calling up the relevant information fromeBundesanzeigeryou can find out about other companies on the market, for example customers, suppliers, competitors or other business partners. This in turn helps them to better adapt their strategy to the competition.

Creditworthiness, solvency information (22.28%), goods / supplier credit (5.91%)

Information about theCreditworthinessand theSolvencyof a company are relevant, for example, if you have a new customer who wants to order a large order volume and at the same time wants a long payment term. But also for assessing the chances of obtainingPayment ordersa credit report can be useful.

Industry comparison (9.71%), competition observation (9.69%), benchmarks (5.16%)

Of course, you shouldn't necessarily focus on the competition. But to be better than thatcompetitorto be, you also have to know what she's doing. The eBundesanzeiger enables a direct comparison to be made with other companies in the same industry on the market. Using key figures, you canBenchmarksto compare. Apart from that, you can also observe in this way how the business of the competition is developing, especially in terms of sales and profits.

Use the following offers to gain data:

  1. https://www.bundesanzeiger.de/
  2. https://www.northdata.de/