How will Apple inspire me in 2019

New iPhones for 2019: Which Phone to Buy?

The old smartphone is too slow, the battery discharges too quickly and the display has cracked or, what happens more and more often, you are sitting in front of the TV in the evening and during the film break an advertisement for a new smartphone that has just come onto the market is shown and you think that it would be much cooler to own this great new device than your "old smartphone", which is actually only two years old at most. According to studies, however, this is exactly the time span in which smartphones are regularly replaced by new devices on average. Fortunately, you can bring back the look it used to be on your device. Simply book a high quality cell phone repair with Hilfy.

These were just the most common reasons why smartphone owners replace their old with a new one. When you have made the decision to finally buy a new smartphone, you are faced with the most difficult question in the world: which cell phone are you actually buying? Well, this decision is usually brought about by watching numerous YouTube videos for days, which, if you are completely honest, is also a lot of fun. Do you agree with me that it is above all the "technical chatter" of the You-Tubers and the comparison of the technical data and great new features of the individual devices that makes it so enjoyable? In the end, however, you can hardly decide which one was chosen as a personal purchase favorite.

For iPhone owners and Apple users like me, the decision is usually easy. The following principle applies here, which almost every iPhone owner can understand, at the latest after using their first iPhone for a while: Once iPhone, always iPhone! The software as well as the hardware, and especially the intuitive operating system, inspire again and again and simply make you addicted to more and even more. There will definitely be "even more" this year from the ranks of Apple, since in September, as is the case every year at the Apple group, the new iPhones for 2019 will be launched. The new iPhone 11 and Co. are guaranteed not only to make the decision to buy a new iPhone easy for iPhone owners, but also for those who are still using Android devices or something else. The new iPhones are better than ever and better than all other competitors, true to the statements made by Apple boss Tim Cook, which he always gives at the annual major events of the iPhone presentations, the "keynotes": "We created the best iPhone ever".

Of course, it is not yet 100% clear what the new iPhones will look like, nor what technical data they will have, as this will only be announced in September 2019 at the official Apple keynote by the Apple boss. But this year, better than in all previous years, it is possible to say fairly precisely and with a high degree of probability how the iPhones will come onto the market.

The latest leaks confirm that there will probably be a triple camera on the new iPhone, which has been mentioned again and again in previous rumors. The rumors also raise hopes for a USB-C connector instead of a Lightning connector, which would finally put an end to the constant nerves of friends after an iPhone charging cable. Whether this is true will be clarified later. Many details are also known about the new edition of the iPhone XR from last year.

Nowadays, hardly any smartphone has a market launch without being presented to the public almost entirely through leaks on the Internet. This is also the case with the new iPhones, which will be released in September 2019. The exact name of the iPhone, whether "iPhone 11" or "iPhone XI", has not yet been officially confirmed by Apple or other sources. However, after the current iPhones, namely the iPhone X and XS, these options are likely to be the most likely.

The new triple camera of the new iPhones is as good as set. One of the most reliable industry insiders and well-known Apple leakers, Steve Hemmerstoffer, recently published new render images. These show the final design of Apple's new flagship. The pictures show three lenses on the back of the iPhones, which are arranged in a triangle in the upper left area known to the camera. They protrude from the smartphone housing in a square hump, together with the attached LED flash. With this new flash, better low-light shots should be possible, as it should now be brighter than the previous ones.

Apple also wants to improve its "image signaling processor" and the Smart HDR function for even better image quality in order to eliminate competition from Huawei, Samsung and Google. More details on the technical data of the camera are already available.

According to the leaks, the third lens will have 12 megapixels and be equipped with a wide-angle lens, which makes photos possible with a viewing angle of 120 degrees. This perspective corresponds roughly to that of the human eye. The camera is also enhanced with a higher resolution and 3x optical zoom.

Since Apple is putting a lot of emphasis on the camera this year in order to displace the ever-improving competition in the market, the Live Photos function is also being improved. Here, videos with a length of six seconds should now be possible instead of the previous three seconds. In my opinion, the function is a gimmick on the one hand, but it is very funny and can also be quite useful. The only disadvantage is that it takes up more space for a photo. The Live Photos function can also be deactivated at any time. Last year only the big Xs Max model got the better camera, this year the small and the big model will get the triple camera.

The display of the new iPhones will likely be the same size as that of the current models. The iPhone 11 should be 5.8 inches, the Max model 6.5 inches. The OLED panel will also be installed again.

According to Apple, the Nodge and the display bezels are supposed to be kept narrower, but there is no visible trace of this in the leaked images, at least not a clear one. The iPhone 11 is 9mm thick, but only if you include the outstanding camera. The camera hump and the rest of the iPhone should be made of a single piece of glass on the back, which will certainly make it look even more elegant and high-quality and will also benefit the water resistance.

The XR successor model should also continue to have the same display size, namely 6.1 inches. However, it should only have a resolution of 1792 x 828 pixels, which is criticized as being quite low. In contrast to its predecessor, however, the new XR should have a dual camera installed, which has a double optical zoom and should also protrude from the iPhone as a square camera hump. The new "iPhone 11R" will not have a glass back either, but will be available in six different colors as before. Two new ones are to be added to replace the two old ones. Probably coral and blue should be dropped and purple and green should be added instead. The LCD display, which Apple does not want to replace until 2020, is also retained here.

The hope for a USB-C port, as it is now installed in almost all new cell phones, will probably not come up, according to the newly leaked photos of the iPhone. The USB-C port was also suggested because the new iPad that came out recently now also has one.

A more powerful battery is also planned for the new high-end devices or it is suspected. This should bring you 25 percent more runtime. In addition, faster charging of smartphones should finally be possible. That would be a very good step by Apple that has been necessary for a long time, since the current charging of iPhones simply belongs to the Stone Age. Furthermore, there should be a small design change in the mute button. In the future, this will have to be moved from back to front and no longer from top to bottom as before. Well, everyone has to decide for themselves whether they think that's better.

The new iPhone will run with iOS 13, which among other things offers a dark mode and intelligent RAM management.

As before, the XR model, as the cheapest variant, also offers, in my opinion, the best price-performance ratio and is therefore the right choice for customers who want to save a bit and still want to afford a very good, new iPhone becomes.

But if you want the absolute top model among the iPhones, or probably even on the entire smartphone market, as Apple claims, and also value a very good camera and things like wireless charging give a very high value, then the new iPhone 11 is the right choice for you. For those who prefer a larger display and who don't mind if you can no longer reach the entire display with one finger, the larger model, the iPhone 11 Max, is the right choice.