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Why Daxx

3 competitive advantages of Daxx

  1. Daxx is one of the oldest and most established software development companies in Ukraine. His reputation on the Ukrainian job market helps to attract middle and senior programmers in particular and to retain them in the long term.
  2. Daxx has enough capacity and experience to provide high quality services and to offer each customer a tailored approach.
  3. Daxx also offers managed services in the areas of QA, DevOps and HR support to improve the customer experience.

Software development company in Ukraine

Why makes Daxx one of the best software development companies in Ukraine?

  1. Seniority: At Daxx, 58% are senior and 37% are middle programmers. Only 6% are young professionals. If you are looking for experience, you have come to the right place.
  2. Long-term cooperation: The employee turnover at Daxx is 1.5 times below the market average in Ukraine.
  3. Tempo: The average time to commission a software developer with Daxx is 4-6 weeks, depending on the requirements of our customers.

Daxx vs. major software development provider in Ukraine

Daxx has the optimal number of employees to meet the needs of companies of all sizes. We provide professional services by devoting time and attention to the individual requirements of each and every customer. Large technology providers are usually only interested in building large teams in order to generate as much revenue as possible for themselves. Daxx helps companies to hire just one or a few developers, depending on the situation, but also to build a larger cross-functional development team if necessary.

Daxx vs. small software development provider in Ukraine

Daxx is one of the most established software development companies in Ukraine. With more than 20 years of experience and more than 300 satisfied customers, we have access to a talent pool of 200,000 IT professionals and in-depth knowledge of the IT sector, which enables us to respond to the different needs of companies that plan external development. We offer more flexibility than small businesses because we can build both small and large teams and scale the team size at shorter notice than small and large providers.

We also offer complementary services such as consulting, quality assurance and DevOps, which complement our offer and respond to additional requests from our customers.

Daxx has a high recognition value in the Ukrainian developer community and is one of the top 10 best employers. Our positive image and our reputation as an employer ensure a high rate of acceptance among applicants. During the 2020 lockdown, Daxx was one of the top IT companies in the country.

Daxx vs. Project Outsourcing Providers in Ukraine

Daxx uses the model that guarantees direct collaboration with the developers and full integration into the customer's teams. Team members see the customer as their employer. At Daxx, we don't have idle resources, which means that we hire employees exclusively for each customer, taking into account their requirements.

A completely transparent cost structure enables our customers to have a precise overview of the entire development costs. They pay the salaries of the developers working for them and a fixed service fee for the services of Daxx, and do not assume any expenses for hidden or not relevant expenses of the service provider.

Daxx vs other software development companies in Eastern Europe (Poland, Serbia, Romania)

By hiring professionals with the same level of knowledge and skills in Ukraine, you save about 10 to 15% of the total development costs compared to Poland. It is also easier and faster to hire someone in a software development company in Ukraine in Ukraine. In contrast to Poland, where companies compete with more companies that develop their own products, there are more software development companies in Ukraine.

After Poland joined the EU, international technology giants quickly settled there. In Ukraine, however, competition among employers is less determined by the presence of global technology giants. As a result, the brightest minds there are often active in the outsourcing sector, which still enables them to work with international companies.

Ukraine is culturally and geographically close to other Western European countries. Part of the Ukraine belonged to the Austro-Hungarian Empire and a flight of just one to two hours separates most tech companies from the 200,000-strong tech talent pool in Ukraine. Daxx can introduce you to developers who specialize in popular programming languages ​​such as JavaScript and Python as well as less common ones such as C ++ and Scala.