What's in Nunavut Canada


North America's northern tip is a land of incredible natural beauty, endless space, fascinating inhabitants and countless wild animals. We are talking about Nunavut, which can be translated from the Inuit language as "our country".

Nunavut was only founded in 1999 and is Canada's youngest and least touristy province. Mostly from Inuit inhabited, the region extends from the Hudson Bay until North Pole and attracts adventurers with ice climbing or fjord tours in the Arctic.

North of Hudson Bay lies Baffin Island as a 1,500 km long island, which impresses with its fjord coast and the up to 2,000 m high glacier mountains. Iqualit, the capital, is the starting point for tours - between May and June, when the ice breaks and whales, bears, walruses, seals and birds sunbathe.

Camping, dog sledding, sport fishing, whale watching, kayaking through deep fjords, trekking and climbing from Pangnirtung im Auyuittuq National Park or kite skiing across the wide ice is the order of the day.

The culture of the region can be seen in the Nunatta Sunakkutaangit Museum or that Qaummaarviit Historic Park discover.

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