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"I am what I am, neither good nor bad. I am inevitable."
—The Angel of Death to Prue Halliwell.[src]

The Angel of Death is an ancient, powerful being who is neither good nor bad, but simply neutral. It is his job to maintain cosmic equilibrium by claiming the souls of the dead.

Death demands the souls of those who die and brings them to the hereafter. It is useless to fight against it, because it cannot be destroyed, for there is always death and only life because of death. The angel of death cannot be stopped and never gives up a claim. The only way to change the fate of a dying man is to turn to an angel of fate.

The Angel of Death has come into contact with the Powerful Three on many occasions, which is unusual as most mortal beings only encounter death once. These meetings created a family connection between the sisters and death, something he had never experienced before.[1]


Encounter with Prue Halliwell

"But I've seen this so many times. The anger, the pain. You direct all of your grief into your anger, which is directed against me as if I were the ultimate evil."
—Death to Prue Halliwell.[src]

While on the beach with her sisters, Prue Halliwell suddenly saw a dark shadow following a woman. When the Seekers later killed her, the shadow reappeared and transformed into the angel of death to claim her soul. He told Prue that there was nothing she could do because her time had come.

Prue later went back to the beach and cast a spell to cause death. He appeared before her, mocked her for her mother, and told her she was angry about her untimely death. Death stated that Prue could not accept death, which prevented her from appropriately mourning her mother. To get her to accept death, the angel took Prue to the mausoleum to witness the death of Reece Davidson.

The next day, Death told Prue that if she had continued fighting him, she would have been next on his list. Prue admitted that she was angry because she didn't know what else to do. Death then told her to mourn and look ahead before disappearing.[2]


Another angel, named Clarence, appeared to fetch the soul from Chris Halliwell when he was beginning to fade because his parents had not yet conceived him because of his interference with the past. He posed as a caretaker at P3 and spoke to Chris because he was a special case. He wanted Chris to enjoy his life more. When Chris was conceived, Clarance appeared again and told him not to waste his second chance.[3]

Piper as the angel of death

"People are only allowed to die in the order given on my list. If one does not do that, death halts. And that's why I now have to work through a traffic jam to repair the damage you have done to the cosmic order."
—Death to Piper Halliwell.[src]

The Angel of Death reappeared after Paige Matthews charmed an innocent man so that he literally couldn't die anymore. This in turn prevented that all People could go there. After an argument with the sisters, Death temporarily killed Piper and turned her into another Angel of Death to mend the damage they had caused.

Death was later confronted by the half-demon Sirk, who convinced him to reverse the spell himself. This allowed Sirk to kill his relative. When Sirk managed to kill Paige, Piper appeared to take her soul. But Phoebe had made an agreement with death to instead take the mortal soul from Sirk so that Paige could live and the balance could be maintained. Death took Sirk and brought Piper back to life.[4]

Change of fate

Some time before the Ultimate Fight, the Angel of Death reappeared on Piper. He informed her that Leo was going to die and offered her a chance to say goodbye as the time he spent with the sisters made him feel compassionate towards them, which had never happened before.

Piper tried to fight death and cast a spell that would make any man look like Leo in order to confuse him. But eventually death found the real Leo and he was injured in a car accident. During another conversation, Death implied that there was a reason what was happening and why he appeared. Piper then called an elder and an avatar to answer their questions. Both were reluctant to give her information, but informed her that she needed to speak to someone of higher power.

The sister went on to call an angel of destiny and ask for answers. Then they learned that Leo's death should inspire them to fight the Ultimate Combat. They eventually managed to make a deal: this involved locking Leo in ice with the crystals used by the demon Burke, as well as a promise that he would return after the fight.[5]

The ancient athame

While helping a young woman named Faith trespass after a car accident, the angel was confronted by a demon named Valen. Death was surprised that Valen could see him and the demon stabbed him abruptly with the Ancient Athame, the activation of which required the blood of a being caught between life and death.[6]

It is later revealed that Death survived the sting with the athame as he joined the new tribunal to find a way to defeat the ancients.[7] Presumably he did not join the fight against Prue Halliwell, but it remains unclear whether he is one of those who were butchered by her.[8]


Call the angel of death

Spirits of the air, of the sea and of the earth,
makes the figure of the angel visible.
I shout it out I'm ready
send me death, to which all life is dedicated, a while before my time.

Powers and abilities

Basic powers

  • Magic work: The ability to cast spells and perform magical rituals. The angel once used magic to undo a spell made by Piper Halliwell that was supposed to be hiding Leo.

Active forces

  • Immateriality: The ability to become immaterial and move through solid objects. The angel once stood in the middle of the street where a car drove through it.
  • Invisibility: The ability to be invisible to the naked eye. The angel is invisible by definition and only becomes visible when he wishes.
  • Granting power: The ability to impart magical powers to other beings. The angel once bestowed powers similar to his to Piper Halliwell when he transformed her into an angel of death to temporarily replace him.
  • Perception: The ability to sense the whereabouts of other beings, especially the position of the next person on their list.
  • Soul absorption: The ability to absorb souls. The angel absorbs souls when he transports them to the hereafter.
  • Telekinesis: The ability to move matter with the power of the mind. The angel channeled his power through his arm when he threw Sirk into a portal.
  • Necrokinesis: The ability to cause instant death for no apparent reason. The angel once used this to temporarily kill Piper Halliwell.
  • Portal creation: The ability to create portals to the afterlife.
  • Conjure up: The ability to make objects appear out of nowhere. The angel used this power to summon his list.
  • Dark scrap: The ability to teleport through dark scraps leaves an image of a skull for a moment.

Other forces

  • Immortality: The ability to have an infinite lifespan and a stopped aging process. The angel is really immortal and cannot be destroyed.
  • Invulnerability: The ability to be invulnerable means that one cannot be defeated. It has been mentioned many times that you cannot beat death.
  • Immunity: The ability to be immune to certain or all magical powers, spells, and potions.

Death list

The angel of death has a list of people who, according to the big picture, must die.[9] There are two columns on the list: Dead and Dies (to die). The under Dead listed are people who have just died under Dies those listed, however, will die soon. However, the names keep changing, removing themselves and switching places as fates keep changing. As soon as someone on the list passes away, the name disappears.

Notes and trivia

  • The placeholder names on the list are all names of members of the movie staff.
  • On the actual prop of the death list, the names were digitally removed and added separately so that the special effect (names removing themselves and switching places) could be added. The list, when viewed from a distance with no effects, has the same order of names after having changed several times.
  • Simon Templeman was unable to resume his role in "Piper and Leo" due to scheduling problems. this lead to the death appeared in another guise, Clarence, played by Lou Beatty Jr.



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