What goods are imported from Canada

Vehicle imports from the USA and Canada

Here you can read all the important information about what to consider when importing a car from the USA or Canada.

Vehicle imports from the USA and Canada
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The prospective buyer can purchase a vehicle in the USA from a private person as well as from a dealer. It is best to buy a new car from a "DMV Licensed Dealer". This is officially registered, so that in the event of a dispute, trouble or damage, a higher-level body can be called in.

Purchase contract

For customs clearance in Germany, you absolutely need a sales contract or a purchase invoice (bill of sale). The sales contract should contain at least the following information:

  • Buyers

  • Seller

  • Vehicle manufacturer

  • Vehicle type

  • Chassis number (very important!)

  • Year of construction of the vehicle

  • price

  • Date and signature

  • Purchase tax

The sales tax is determined in the respective state and is up to 13.5 percent. The tax usually has to be paid when the vehicle is purchased and can be reclaimed from the dealer after shipping. However, there is no uniform US regulation on sales tax. You should therefore find out more about this from the dealer.

Means of payment

Cash is always useful for getting a discount, but credit cards are safer. Money transfer from a bank in Germany to an American bank is also possible.


Few European manufacturers offer global guarantees. That is why it makes sense to ask the manufacturer how far his commitments go. For vehicles from US manufacturers, no guarantees are to be expected from their German representatives. There is no guarantee claim against the manufacturer or its German representative for used vehicles.

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