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Jon Hamm: The panty question

His iconic topless days could soon be over: Actor Jon Hamm has received offers from several manufacturers to provide him with free underwear

Hollywood stars usually live in high spirits: Paying millions, public fame and gifts are part of everyday life for the stars. All the more astonishing were the private outfits of Jon Hamm, who preferred to go "bottomless". The cult around Jon and his best piece could now come to an end: Several fashion companies offered the "Mad Men" star to provide him with free underwear.

The series star recently hit the headlines when "Mad Men" producers reportedly forbade him to walk around on set without underpants. As the gossip blog "TMZ.com" announced, the underwear manufacturer "Jockey" then reported to the actor and offered to fix the problem. "Jockey would like to offer Jon Hamm his support in the form of a lifetime supply of jockey underwear," a brand spokesperson told the website.

In addition, another large underwear company has also assured the performer of their support. The company "The Fruit of the Loom" is also said to have promised the American that he would be allowed to wear panties for a lifetime. "We want people to be themselves. And if it makes you happy not to wear panties, we say do it. But in case you change your mind, we're here for you," objected Company spokesman via "TMZ" to the actor.

Hamm himself has not confirmed whether the rumors that he would rather live without underneath are true. However, he did not deny it either. However, he recently admitted in an interview with "Rolling Stone" magazine that the public interest in his genitals goes against the grain. "They're called 'private body parts' for good reason. I wear pants, damn it. Take it easy," the star yelped. "There are harder jobs in the world. But when people are free to create a Tumblr page about my s ***, I feel like that wasn't part of the deal. Well, anyway. I guess "It's better, after all, than to be known for the opposite state."

Overall, the American thinks it is just strange that people are so fascinated by his supposedly "impressive anatomy" and sees this as indicative of the moral decline of society. "Most of it is winking, but it's a bit indecent," the heartthrob sighed, embarrassed. "It just speaks for a greater freedom that people believe they have - a horniness."

It is unclear whether and, if so, from when female fans will have to forego the sight of "Little Jon". Thanks to his multi-million dollar salaries, Jon Hamm could have bought himself fashionable underwear long ago if he had wanted to.