What was your most embarrassing experience without clothes

It was a long time ago for me, but I would be interested in how you would have handled it or how you would have handled it?

My wife at the time and I were at home (including the large garden) a lot of the nude and also usually bathed naked wherever possible. When we were on a short vacation with our in-laws, we were also in the indoor pool where my wife & I wanted to go to the sauna. But what we didn't expect was that Schwiemu would join in too ....!? : - /

I was quite nervous about being naked at Schwiemu, even if we had known each other for 3 years, but not completely naked, if only because we had a pretty bad relationship with each other. But what the heck I took off my swimming trunks and was naked with my wife and Schwiemu, although I had a rather queasy feeling, also because I was no longer "as well built" as I was before, thanks to cancer and chemo my genitals had shrunk by 50%, which I couldn't really manage back then! :-(

In the nudist etc. it didn't bother me so much anymore, but compared to the Schwiemu. : - / But my wife relaxed the mood a bit with a good mood and the visit to the steam bath also calmed me down a bit, especially since my penis swelled a bit as a result. Despite having a bigger penis, the situation was uncomfortable for me at the time, even if genitals etc. were not an issue, although the difficulty had to be noticed that I was built a little smaller than most other men. That wasn't a great nudist day and so I was glad to be dressed again. My wife understood me when we talked about it, but said that I had done well. :-)

The next time at home it was a little more pleasant, also because of the more relaxed atmosphere and because my wife was still more open and also caressed me more intimately every now and then, so that I always had an almost semi-rigid member, which was so ok for me. It only got uncomfortable when Schmwiemu asked why I always had my foreskin back. Fortunately, my wife did most of the explaining for me, also because she said right away that she thought it was nicer that way! Schwiemu understood that too and finally approved it, even if she didn't know it from her husband !?

However, the cancer and the consequences of the discussion were not so great .... But I was surprised that Schwiemu reacted differently than I would have expected, because she said that it was the way it was and that there was nothing to be embarrassed about ! Yes, she even said that my genitals were beautiful and that she also liked the foreskin that was back.

Nevertheless, the queasy feeling remained, because outside of these nudist days we were rather hostile to each other, why we were "friends" when we were all naked I still do not understand !? In any case, from then on there were more naked encounters despite the queasy feeling….

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