How do I use WiFi

How to transfer data quickly and easily with WiFi Direct

Connectivity is the central device property with which smartphones have conquered their technical world. When it comes to the selection of connection options, however, WiFi Direct has so far often not been used in favor of Bluetooth or even a cumbersome cable connection, although most modern smartphones support this radio interface.

The advantage of WiFi Direct-enabled devices is that they communicate with each other directly, so there is no need for an Internet connection or a WLAN router as a network intermediary. In contrast to WLAN, neither an access point nor a hot spot is necessary for data transmission, because the WiFi-enabled devices function themselves as radio base stations.

You will not only find support for WiFi Direct on most smartphones, but also on printers, multifunctional devices, digital cameras, notebooks, tablets and WLAN sticks. WiFi-Direct offers you the following advantages:


  • While the widespread Bluetooth (version 4.x) theoretically offers a maximum speed of 25 Mbit / s, WiFi Direct transmits at 54 Mbit / s. more than double. In practice, the difference is usually considerably greater, since the transmission with Bluetooth is more sensitive.
  • Another advantage is the greater distance that is bridged. While indoor Bluetooth connections hardly reach more than 10 meters, with WiFi Direct a multiple of this is problem-free, the maximum is around 90 meters.
  • In contrast to Bluetooth, which only ever connects 2 devices with each other without any further effort, with WiFi Direct you can even set up a wireless network with several devices.

To activate WiFi Direct, go to SETTINGS> CONNECTIONS> WiFi. Depending on the model and Android version, you will find WLAN SETTINGS> ADVANCED> WIFI-DIRECT or WIFI-Direct is offered at the top of the screen above the list under the list of WLAN networks found. Simply activate WiFi Direct on all relevant devices and confirm that the requested connection is allowed.

If you use WiFi Direct more often, you should increase the convenience with an app that simplifies data exchange in this way. A powerful app for this purpose is “SuperBeam | WiFi Direct Share ”, which is offered in a free (ad-supported) version.