Why does my stored bed linen smell

This will keep your bed linen fresh in the closet for a long time

I love to lie in a newly made bed. The bed linen smells fresh and everything feels so clean and pure that I fall asleep much better straight away. At least that's how I wish it. Unfortunately, even though I wash it in an exemplary manner, my bed linen sometimes smells a bit musty when I take it out of the linen cupboard. For a long time it was a mystery to me why this is so. Until I took a closer look and noticed some things that I can do better with washing and storing bed linen. Here are my tips.

If you are sensitive to perfumes in the detergent, use the Seven Generations detergent Free and Clear. It is suitable for sensitive skin and does not contain any dyes, fragrances or optical brighteners.

1. It all depends on the detergent

When it comes to washing your bedding, it's important to choose a detergent that you like to smell. When washing yourself, you should always follow the washing instructions. As a rule, however, bed linen, especially if it is white, can be machine washed at 60 degrees. Fabric softener makes your bed linen cozy and soft. So if you use fabric softener, you have a wide range of different smells and perfumes here, so you're sure to find something you like.

2. You should pay attention to this after washing

Do you use washing powder, detergent capsules or liquid detergent to wash your clothes?

Make sure to remove the damp laundry from the machine quickly after the end of the wash cycle. You should also make sure that the bedding is well dry before you put it away. If there is still a slight residual moisture in it, then this is the best breeding ground for bad smells and, in the worst case, mold. It's true that something is out of fashion these days, ironing. But even my grandmother knew that ironing not only removes creases and makes the laundry so nice and crisp. Ironing also removes the last germs and bacteria and thus also an important cause of bad smells. The result: Ironed laundry feels fresh longer - and smells like it too. However, if you don't want to spend your free hours ironing bed linen, then I have a little tip for you: Take one or two teaspoons of the detergent of your choice, fill it in a small cloth bag and put it tightly in your linen cupboard. So your bed linen always smells like it has been freshly washed. Alternatively, you can also put small scented sachets with dried herbs or flowers in the linen cupboard. If you choose lavender, unpleasant moths don't stand a chance.

3. Vinegar removes bad smells and stains

If your bedding really smells bad, use vinegar the next time you wash it. Vinegar neutralizes bad smells, removes stubborn stains and at the same time decalcifies your washing machine. And this is how it works: Pour half a cup of normal household vinegar into the softener compartment of your washing machine and let the laundry run through as usual.

4. Avoid too long storage

Having a large selection of bedding also means that most of it will sit in the closet for a long time to be used. So better: have less and use and wash more often. Two bed linen sets are enough for me in summer and two in winter (yes, I like cozy beaver bed linen, but only when it's cold) and one more set for the guest bed. They are then used alternately and never stay in the closet for long.

Here are more tips on how to wash your bedding properly.

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