Swims well against scoliosis

The best sports for back pain

It's no secret that exercise is hugely important in preventing back pain. Sport not only makes your muscles and joints fit, but also provides your intervertebral discs with sufficient nutrients through exercise. This will keep your back strong and healthy for a long time. However, not every sport is equally suitable when the back hurts or pain is to be prevented preventively. In this article you will find out which sports are best and which ones you should rather avoid.

Immobility hits the back

Once you are completely honest with yourself and admit to yourself how much you have moved today, can you honestly say that it felt sufficient? Unfortunately, in today's society we all sit far too much motionless at our desks or on the couch. 70 percent of Germans move less than half an hour a day.

Not only adults are affected by this immobility. More and more children also have back problems. According to surveys, more than six percent of six to eight year old children already suffer from back pain. For 13 to 14 year olds, this number even rises to over 40 percent. The increasing passivity in front of the computer, for example, takes its toll here.

These sports are great for back pain

Not every sport is suitable for back pain. However, some are not only good if you already have back pain, they are also great for preventing back problems.


Swimming is the number one sport for back problems and against back problems, because it strengthens the back without putting too much strain on it. The crawl and supine position is particularly good for your back. The right technique is important in breaststroke swimming. If done incorrectly, a breaststroke swim can cause problems in the cervical spine.


Yoga is currently THE trend sport - and not without reason. Yoga not only promotes your inner calm and makes you strong and flexible, it also prevents back pain and lets existing pain subside more quickly.


In aqua fitness, the joints and intervertebral discs are relieved by the buoyancy of water that carries the body weight. Therefore, you can do aqua fitness even with pre-existing back pain.

Nordic walking

Nordic walking gently trains your entire body. In contrast to jogging, Nordic walking is easy on the joints thanks to the use of sticks. In addition, it has another advantage: it trains the arms at the same time. In addition, the torso is more stressed than is the case with jogging. The prerequisite is of course that you do it right.

To go biking

Cycling is also considered a suitable sport to strengthen your back. However, you should make sure that your handlebars are not set too low, otherwise you will bend down too far. The perfect height of the handlebars is about 15 cm higher than your saddle. This is the best way to reach your handlebars without having to bend your back too much.

You should avoid these sports

If you already have back problems, you should avoid some sports. These include, for example, tennis, skiing, golf or wrestling. Heavy weight training is also not recommended unless you have a certain amount of experience. All of these sports can put strain on the back on one side, which is why they should be avoided if you already have symptoms. Team sports such as volleyball, handball or soccer should also be practiced with caution. Compression or jerky stopping and turning movements often put too much strain on the spine.

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