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All figures are estimates and are based on the widely recognized standard of purchasing power calculation. Please note that all information is provided without guarantee and can sometimes differ significantly from reality. Since our wages are based entirely on entries made by visitors to and, we have no influence on the accuracy of the wages that we use for the calculation. Please also note that the values ​​can differ significantly in some areas, e.g. metropolitan areas and large cities, as the cost of living can be significantly higher here, for example. Our calculator for calculating purchasing power is continuously being optimized. If you notice an error, please send us an email to [email protected]!

How does the calculator work?

On the basis of the gross wage displayed in the currently selected country, our calculator calculates the wages of the other countries adjusted for purchasing power.

example: For an exemplary job with completed training, a gross annual wage of EUR 32,400 is displayed on for Germany. A certain purchasing power or a certain standard of living is associated with this wage. If you want to maintain this standard as an employee in Switzerland, you would have to earn at least CHF 55,728 gross per year there.
In addition, the appropriate wage for the chosen occupation is also displayed for the other country. In this way, you can check directly to what extent the respective wage deviates from the calculated recommendation or corresponds to it.