What are the best cushioned running shoes

Running shoes with cushioning

Comfort is the supreme discipline in running shoes. Not just because you feel good in a comfortable shoe. Biomechanics research shows that you are less likely to injure yourself with a shoe that you simply find comfortable and comfortable. Fit and cushioning play a decisive role, but also the right balance between stability and flexibility. In the end, only you can feel which is the top shoe for you while running. You can rely entirely on your feelings.

However, since the issue of cushioning has such a decisive influence on comfort, we will show you below the current running shoes that are best cushioned. Once you've sunk your feet into these shoes, you may not want to pull them out at all. Top for relaxed runs.

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Cushioned shoes: The editorial team's recommendations

Adidas Adizero Boston 9

Order here:Women's model (€ 139.95) or men's model (€ 139.95)

The Boston has always stood somewhere between thoroughbred competition shoes (such as the Adidas Adizero Adios) and comfortable endurance slippers (such as the Adidas UltraBOOST). The Adidas Adizero Boston 8 from 2019 took a step towards comfort for the first time. The 9th version follows in the same footsteps. And that is to be understood figuratively, because the basic structure of the Boston 8 and the Boston 9 are completely identical. If you were faced with the choice of only walking one shoe, you could choose the Adidas Adizero Boston 9 with a clear conscience. It is comfortable enough for longer endurance runs, but is also a lot of fun at higher speeds. The surface, whether asphalt, tartan or gravel, does not matter. The midsole provides a successful mix of cushioning and feedback, while the Continental outsole holds - this means both grip and durability.

Weight: 252 grams (men, US 10 / EU 44)
Blasting: 9.5 millimeters
RRP: 140 euros

Adidas Ultraboost 21

Kröger + Gross

Order here:Men's model (€ 179.95) or women's model (€ 179.95)

With the Ultraboost you have to take a closer look: The stack heights, i.e. the technical data relating to the midsole, are unchanged compared to their predecessor, the rear and forefoot are just as high; the last (hence the fit) has also remained the same. But then Adidas put 6% more boost into the sole, which caused the weight gain. But our test runners didn't notice that, because they were completely impressed by the new roll-off feeling: "Where the UB20 was too flexible for me and offered dynamism in the advance area, the UB21 is suddenly a really agile shoe," said a test runner. This is due to the new LEP torsion, which gives the forefoot area more tension. Also good: the metatarsal saddle provides even more support - but the construction was criticized by test runners with a narrower foot; On top of that, the shoe feels a bit smaller thanks to the new upper material. But that fits in with the faster rolling behavior. To the detailed test.

Weight: 340 grams (men); 325 grams (women)
Blasting: 10 millimeters
RRP: 180 euros

Asics Gel-Cumulus 22

Asics Gel-Cumulus 22 (men)

Order here:Women's model (€ 140.00), slim women's model (€ 140.00) or men's model (€ 140.00)

The 22nd version of the Gel-Cumulus is as soft as it has been at Asics for a long time. Comfort is therefore still the focus of the popular Japanese classic cushioning. A new variant of the FlyteFoam damping foam was used over the entire length. This makes the shoe seem a bit lighter and more reactive than its predecessor. Furthermore, there are of course the usual gel cushioning elements in the forefoot and rearfoot area. Thanks to the soft, seamless and elastic mesh upper material in the forefoot area, the well-padded tongue with flat lacing in the metatarsal area and the heel flap, which is thickly padded around the entire collar, the foot feels well embedded in the cumulus. To the detailed test.

Weight: 220 grams (women) / 285 grams (men)
Blasting: 10 millimeters
RRP: 140 euros

Asics Gel Nimbus 23

Order here:Male model (180.00 €) or female model (180.00 €)

An instruction leaflet would be needed to list all the technologies that Asics has packed into the nimbus. What counts for the running impression, however, is that the Nimbus belongs to the top group in the comfort class. A test runner promptly remarks: "Asics has taken it to the extreme in terms of soft rolling behavior," the feeling of running or the desire for speed fall by the wayside! "But if you want to run fast, you prefer other (Asics) models . The comfort artist Nimbus takes care of the gentle pampering program for runner's feet. Definitely worth mentioning: the women's version is “gender specific”, not only in terms of fit, but also in terms of the sole construction: the heel is higher, the forefoot is more flexible. The test result: “A feel-good shoe for long runs, leisurely runs and chatting,” one test runner sums it up. To the detailed test.

Weight: 309 grams (men), 250 grams (women)
Blasting: 10 millimeters (men), 13 millimeters (women)
Price: 180 euros

Brooks Ghost 13

Order here:Women's model (€ 139.95) or men's model (€ 139.95)

Test impression: The Brooks Ghost is one of the most famous and popular running shoes on the market. The biggest change in the Ghost 13 is its continuous midsole, now made entirely from DNA Loft. As a result, the shoe is noticeably softer than its predecessor and rolls off very smoothly. Whether you like it or not is of course a matter of taste. "Personally, it almost seemed a little too soft to me during the first few runs," admitted a RUNNER'S WORLD tester. "The feeling went away quickly and now I love it like the other Ghost models before." Heel and metatarsal runners in particular will benefit from this change in the sole. The soft and flexible tongue as well as the well padded collar and the seamlessly processed mesh have remained the same, which creates an all-round successful fit. The Ghost is made for a wide range of runner types and possible uses. It is cushioned and robust enough for long runs, and also suitable for a faster pace thanks to its dynamism and flexibility, which is exactly why we recommend it to beginners who are looking for a shoe for everything. Oh yes, and the material and workmanship are also durable. To the detailed test.

Weight: 286 grams (men), 250 grams (women)
Blasting: 11 millimeters
RRP: 140 euros

Brooks Glycerin 19


Order here:Women's model (€ 169.95) or men's model (€ 169.95)

Brooks has new model names with a simpler logic: There are fewer models, but these come in two variants: Neutral and Support, the latter can be recognized by the abbreviation GTS (Go-To-Support). This should make it easier for runners to choose a product. You can decide on a model based on your desired running feeling and damping behavior and then choose the version that suits your stability needs. The neutral version of Glycerin 19 is the successor to Glycerin 18. In the Brooks Glycerin GTS 19 support version, it replaces the Brooks Transcend. Comfortable cushioning is still the top priority with Brooks Glycerin.

The midsole is made of DNA Loft, Brooks softest cushioning foam. In the 19th version, more of it is installed than ever before. On the one hand, it should offer super-soft cushioning over the entire length of the shoe, on the other hand, it should also offer good durability, so that the soft running feeling lasts throughout the life of the shoe. One tester: "The glycerine is an absolute feel-good shoe. The running feeling is soft, cloudy and springy." Despite the thickness, the sole and the soft tread, the running feeling is never spongy. The sole is very flexible and offers a smooth rolling process. It is a training shoe for almost every workout, from endurance runs to long runs. The weight he is in the group of well-cushioned neutral shoes in the midfield. The fit is spacious as usual, there is a lot of space, especially in the toe box. But even on narrow feet it fits perfectly thanks to the thick, soft tongue and the good, classic lacing. To the detailed test.

Weight: 255 grams (women), 289 grams (men)
Blasting: 10 millimeters
RRP: 170 euros

Hoka One One Bondi 6

Order here:Female model or male model

The silhouette with the voluminous midsole gives it away: The Hoka One One Bondi is a running shoe with maximum cushioning. The Bondi 6 is the king of cushioning shoes within the Hoka family. In the RUNNER’S WORLD laboratory, it turned out to be extremely soft - even compared to other comfort shoes. And the test runner's protocols reflect the results one-to-one. Incidentally, heavier runners in particular praise the Bondi for the fact that its sole provides good cushioning. And thanks to the improved outsole rubber, the shoe now also promises good durability. It is therefore suitable for continuous use and for long, quiet endurance runs. Incidentally, the sight is deceptive in one point: The shoe is still very light.

Weight: 215 grams (women) / 289 grams (men)
Blasting: 4 millimeters
RRP: 140 euros

Hoka One One Clifton 7

Order here:Male or female model (€ 139.95)

The first Clifton was introduced in 2014. It is now Hoka's most popular and best-selling running shoe. Why? Because the voluminous midsole makes for a wonderfully comfortable running feeling, but is absolutely not heavy. In the seventh edition, nothing has changed in the basic characteristics of the Clifton: the maximum comfort is still its distinguishing feature. One point of criticism of earlier Clifton models was the rather narrow fit. In this regard, the Clifton 7 has improved significantly. It now offers more space in the forefoot and metatarsal area. With the midsole unchanged, the upper material of the Clifton 7 has become slimmer - also in terms of design. The Clifton is well suited for light to medium-weight runners who have no noticeable biomechanical features. The Clifton is suitable in the best sense as a neutral training shoe for many kilometers. To the detailed test.

Weight: 201 grams (women), 247 grams (men)
Blasting: 5 millimeters
RRP: 140 euros

Mizuno Wave Sky Neo

Order here:Female model or male model

Significant increase in comfort with Mizuno: The Mizuno Wave Sky Neo benefits like the Wave Rider from the new midsole technologies with lighter and more reactive plastics. You can feel that with the first step. Except for the fixed heel shell, the Neo does not have any stability elements, but the rather torsionally stiff midsole with a softer insert under the heel ensures a lot of stability when rolling. In addition, the actually very soft upper material surrounds the metatarsal area very tightly. The result is both comfortable and stable rolling behavior. "This is a comfortable shoe for a quiet running pace, which is also suitable for higher body weights," said one tester. The relatively large drop of 10 millimeters is typical of Mizuno.

Weight: 275 grams (women); 335 grams (men)
Blasting: 10 millimeters
RRP: 200 euros

New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 v11

Order here:Women's model (€ 169.95) or men's model

The best news right at the beginning: The toe box in version 11 has become a bit more spacious compared to its predecessor; that was one of the few criticisms expressed by only a few test runners. That is better now, but not better is the tight fit of the metatarsal area, criticized by runners with wide feet: Here an elastic band connects the tongue with the midsole, thus ensuring a great fit even with narrow feet, but is closed with wide feet closely. Otherwise, however, what counts above all is that the chassis is unchanged from the previous model, which the testers extensively praised for its ride comfort. With the rocker construction, the outsole is bent up like a rocking chair. The foot rolls more easily. Test conclusion: One of the best training shoes currently available in the comfort class. The 1080 feels good at a slow and fast pace and can handle heavier runners as well as lightweights. To the detailed test.

Weight: 282 grams (men), 225 grams (women)
Blasting: 8 millimeters
RRP: 170 euros

Nike Pegasus 37

Order here: Female model or male model

The Pegasus has been around since 1983 and is Nike's best-selling shoe. As popular as he is, he has always been so versatile. The 37th edition is no exception. In contrast to its predecessor, the midsole, the basis of the functionality for stepping, rolling and footprint, has been completely revised and makes this version noticeably softer and more reactive. By integrating a metatarsal strap in the shaft, the shoe adapts to the individual foot shape of the user and thus ensures good support with every step in the metatarsus and improves wearing comfort. Overall, the shoe offers sufficient support for normal foot runners thanks to its springy cushioning, runs equally well on all surfaces and impresses with its great look. The Pegasus 37 is the perfect all-rounder. To the detailed test.

Weight: 238 grams (women), 287 grams (men)
Blasting: 10 millimeters
RRP: 120 euros

Salomon Sonic 3 Balance

As a reminder: Salomon presented its first road running shoes back in 2016. And the Sonic 3 shows itself with a two-layer sole, seamless upper material and outsole with decoupled elements at the highest technical level. In view of the rather tall midsole, the rather firm appearance is surprising. The rear foot lands softly, but the rolling comfort and the sole unit are rather stiff. The upper material hugs the foot very comfortably at the shoe collar. The shoe is an alternative to very soft cushioning shoes and is also suitable for wider feet.

Weight: 216 grams (women), 252 grams (men)
Blasting: 8 millimeters
RRP: 140 euros

Saucony Ride 13

Order here:Female model or male model

Most of the wind in the current version of the Ride is probably the eye-catching look. Otherwise Saucony remains true to its model tradition and offers a neutral shoe in the best sense: The ride comfort is characterized by the very flexible sole, the cushioning comfort is very high. "PWRRUN" (pronounced: Powerrun) is what Saucony calls this very light mixture, which ensures a smooth running feeling - also for middle and forefoot runners. This makes the Ride an in-house competition to the much more difficult Triumph and an alternative to models such as Adidas Ultraboost or Brooks Glycerin. To the detailed test.

Weight: 243 grams (women), 278 grams (men)
Blasting: 8 millimeters
RRP: 110 euros

Saucony Triumph 17th

Order here:Female model or male model

The Triumph 17 by Saucony is a classic among cushioning shoes that boasts numerous revised elements. The important ones include the so-called “PWRRUN +” damping material and the extended “360 ° Formfit” system. The new damping material is 25 percent lighter than the EVA previously used and, according to the manufacturer, should be up to three times longer. According to the consistent statements of our test runners, it offers “outstanding cushioning properties, especially on asphalt.” Positive: Comfort is not entirely at the expense of dynamics: “For a cushioning shoe, it is astonishingly dynamic and provides a lot of propulsion,” said a test runner. The soft and particularly adaptable upper material that hugs the foot also contributes to the positive judgment - only on very hot days the foot could be wrapped a little too warm in triumph. To the detailed test.

Weight: 261 grams (women), 305 grams (men)
Blasting: 8 millimeters
RRP: 170 euros

Skechers GoRun Ride 8 Hyper

Order here:Female model

The previous model received the RUNNER’S WORLD Editor’s Choice Award, so the new Skechers GoRun Ride 8 is in the best of tradition. The characteristics with neutral rolling behavior and the structure have remained the same, the most important changes are the Goodyear outsole ("grippy on any surface", according to one tester) and the "Hyperburst" midsole.This transforms the new ride into a maximum comfort shoe without the dynamics falling by the wayside. Thanks to the moderately curved sole construction, the Ride 8 is also suitable for metatarsal runners and a brisk training pace.

Weight: 202 grams (women); 247 grams (men)
Blasting: 6 millimeters
RRP: 125 euros

Under Armor Hovr Machina

Order here:Female model or male model

“All-round talent” would be the appropriate term if you wanted to summarize Under Armor's announcement of the Machina in one word. At its core, it is a neutrally designed cushioning shoe. The eponymous "Hovr" foam in the midsole is encased in a kind of mesh that is supposed to provide better cushioning and subsequent energy return. A carbon reinforcement is incorporated in the midfoot area, which supports the propulsion: "It stabilizes the midsole strongly," said one runner. The main conclusion of the testers: a very good cushioning everyday training shoe. A gadget is also hidden in the sole: a sensor supplies data from here to analyze the running style for the “Map my Run” app. To the detailed test.

Weight: 211 grams (women) / 281 grams (men)
Blasting: 8 millimeters
RRP: 160 euros

True Motion Aion

Order here: Women's model (€ 179.95) or men's model (€ 179.95)

With the Aion, True Motion is only bringing the second model onto the market after the Nevos. Characteristic: The sole unit under the rear foot is constructed in the shape of a horseshoe. The idea: From the first moment of the rolling movement, the forces that hit are optimally centered in the joints. Torsional forces and the resulting loads on the knee or Achilles tendon are minimized because the force application point acts on the longitudinal axis of the foot. The damping foam is extremely soft. And, be careful, when trying on your heel you stand unusually high in the shoe, the first few meters are usually very unfamiliar. The high blast is put into perspective when running when the "U-Foam" is compressed. The test results were very different: heel runners praised the comfort, the harmonious rolling process and the wider fit, metatarsal and lighter runners found the running feeling to be rather "spongy and callous". To the detailed test.

Weight: 250 grams (women), 290 grams (men)
Blasting: 10 millimeters
RRP: 180 euros

361 ° Spire 4

The Spire has been around since 2015 and has been good from the start. The Spire 4 shows the speed at which running shoes are developing: the new cushioning material alone (the manufacturer calls it "QU! KFOAM", no joke!) Makes it a class better. It is processed in the midsole and insole. “The fit looked familiar to me, the running feeling is sensationally improved,” praised a test runner, “in terms of cushioning and rolling comfort.” Heel runners in particular will appreciate this. Good: Contrary to the trend towards wider and wider shoes, the Spire is also suitable for narrow feet. To the detailed test.

Weight: 264 grams (women) / 305 grams (men)
Blasting: 9 millimeters
RRP: 160 euros

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