How to become a nanny

Working as a babysitter

Anyone who wants to take on a part-time job as a babysitter takes on a great deal of responsibility. You can find out what the job of a babysitter is all about here.

Good chances as a babysitter

There are quite a number of chances of getting a job babysitting and making money from it.

The places in daycare centers are scarcer than ever. This is why some parents choose to have babysitter care if they work during the day.

Despite having their own children, many would like to spend an afternoon or evening alone in the cinema or a restaurant.

Almost no prerequisites as a babysitter are necessary

Working as a babysitter does not require any additional financial outlay. You don't need any equipment. What counts are numerous contacts with potential clients, a well-groomed and reliable appearance, a few references, flexibility and maybe a little luck. Then nothing stands in the way of working as a babysitter.

In the public eye, babysitting is still a job that young people in particular do. But times are changing here too.

Popular part-time job: answering opinion polls and making money

Paid online surveys are surveys on various topics in which the opinion or preferences of the participants are asked. Since answering the questions takes time, the executing company will send acompensation offered. This is to compensate the participants' time spent answering the questions.

A babysitter should bring that

It is important that a good babysitter is experienced in handling babies and young children. Patience and an absolute sense of responsibility are essential. Natural authority and the ability to assert oneself cannot be underestimated.

People who often deal with children are ideal for the job. For young people with ambitions to work as babysitters, these can be smaller siblings or, for older babysitters, even their own children. An important requirement is the ability to convey a good image to parents.

Advertise quality with a certificate

Suitable courses and training as a babysitter can be found at the German Red Cross in your area: babysitting courses

Babies and young children are demanding. You should be safe under the babysitter's supervision. It must be prepared for small and large eventualities. There are babysitting courses for this. Those interested in getting ready to work as a babysitter learn useful things at these events. This doesn't just include games.

The prevention of accidents, the preparation of meals that are suitable for children, or the care of babies are also part of the content. The courses are offered by the German Red Cross, adult education centers and, in some cases, the Child Protection Association.

That's how much a babysitting certificate deserves

Payment when working as a babysitter is agreed between the parents and the carer. It depends on how much the client appreciates the babysitter's qualities and experience.

The scope of the services also plays a role. If the babysitter takes care of the whole afternoon and puts the child to bed, the effort is greater and, of course, the pay is higher. As a rule, the hourly earnings are between 8 and 12 euros.

Where can you find babysitting jobs?

The job itself can often be found through close contacts with friends. Internet portals such as and also help you with your search. There you can offer your services as a babysitter. In the first conversation with the parents it helps to have a good and confident demeanor.

Recommendations from satisfied parents are just as helpful. In addition, research on special websites on the Internet results in babysitting jobs. It is now possible to register on local platforms.

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