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Schools in Ireland - Student Exchange Ireland

Scholarship Ireland: Several partial scholarships and global citizenship scholarships are offered for those arriving from January or August: 1 school year scholarship worth up to € 4,000 each and 1 term scholarship up to € 2,394
Request the partial scholarship application form at: [email protected]

Our Ireland high school programs and schools:

Free choice:

World Wide Qualifications offers you the choice between the school selection program and the “regional program”. School choice program: Exchange students for Ireland are free to choose a public school, private school or boarding school.

After the application and an interview in which we record your wishes, we will send you profiles of the schools in Ireland in question so that you can make a decision. If you have already "heard" of an additional school, you can also state this as a choice. As we specialize in Ireland, we can place exchange students in almost all schools in Ireland that are accepting students that year.

Regional Programs - Student Exchange Ireland State Schools:

South West Regional Program Ireland - schools in Ring of Kerry, Killarny, all around Galway, Limerick and Cork.

Placements with riding, sailing, golf, surfing, soccer possible. Many regions are also interesting for musicians. When you register for the regional program, your wishes will be taken into account, but a choice of school is not guaranteed.

The regional programs also include most of Ireland's student exchanges Scholarship* and support programs: schools across Ireland, many schools in and around Dublin, Cork, Galway, as well as in the north in Monoghan, Cavan. (* New: For the first time there is also a partial scholarship with a choice of school for the coming year)

Student Exchange Ireland South West Regional Program: When you think of Ireland, images of “green pastures”, wild coastlines and ancient castles often come to mind. And exactly this "old" Ireland can be found here in the south-west. Nowhere is one received as warmly and warmly as the Ireland exchange students for the regional program. Nature, wild country, ancient towns, Irish people who are friendly and humorous.
In addition, there are only a few German exchange students at these schools. If you want to be where "everyone" doesn't go, go to a school in the South West Regional Program in Ireland.

Student exchange Ireland and horse riding:

Riding is a popular sport among the Irish. We can place you in a place where there is a riding school, or we can place you directly with a host family who has horses. (please register early)

Riding is possible with the Ireland student exchange. Ireland is particularly known for show jumping, cross country, horse breeding of racing horses and riding horses.
If you love horses, Ireland is your country!

During your student exchange experience Ireland, horse rides on the beach and in fascinating landscapes and a nice riding community in Ireland.

School exchanges with golf, tennis, sailing, windsurfing, hockey, basketball, volleyball, football

Are you a competitive athlete? Or would you like to continue practicing your beloved sport in Ireland? Or learn a new sport?
This is not a problem! We offer you many options! Either we place you in a school where these sports are offered directly or in a place with a corresponding club.

Some of the many schools in the South-West regional program - school examples:

Student exchange in Ireland - in the Ring of Kerry

The south-west coast of Ireland is graced with many beautiful places with white sandy beaches. Towns that are right by the sea. You will experience beautiful landscapes, a cozy atmosphere and visit the best state schools.
Nature is still intact here, fish, crabs and lobsters, which are rarely found in other regions of the sea, live here. Seagulls, cormorants and herons are not uncommon. If you are lucky, you might even see dolphins in the sea, or you can watch seals on the beach. The world famous “Irish moss” also comes from this area.

It's also a fabled area. Many myths and old castles, remnants of bygone eras, are the material for the legends of this region. Allegedly, the first people to have gone ashore on these seashores.

In the summer, the Ring of Kerry is a magnet for visitors. It is worth it in any case. Outside of the classic tourist times, the places offer a lot, especially for school exchanges in Ireland. The community is intact, active, cosmopolitan and warm. Outdoor sports such as golf, horse riding, surfing, sailing, hiking and mountain biking are offered.

Ballybunion and Ballyheigue - Causeway Comprehensive School

This is one of the best public schools in Ireland. A good atmosphere, nice teachers and happy students guarantee a warm welcome. It is possible and desirable to take part in the extensive school programs.

A special highlight in the 10th grade is the transition year program:
As at other secondary schools in Ireland, the aim of the Transition year is to promote your professional preparation and develop your talents. For example, the entire class works on a musical, goes on excursions together, learns team building, you can take part in first aid courses or, in addition to academic subjects and project work, attend career advice and corresponding seminars.

There are also competitions such as B. “Young Scientist”, cooking competitions “Apprentice Chef”, “Real life Science” and “Poetry”, to name just a few.

Causeway, like some other schools in the South West, offers a slightly more intensive program. The entire community should be integrated. Company owners and self-employed people from the region are used as “mentors” for a group of students. The students then professionally develop a mini-company or a community project under their guidance. For example, students have carried out a very successful training program for older people. This is about the handling of smartphones, tablets and computers. These courses are still very popular.

Academic subjects: (grade 11):
English, French, Maths, Accounting, Business, Agriculture and Agriculture Technology, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Art, Engineering Design and Graphic, Computer Preparation for Technical Professions CAT, 2D, 3D Animation, Music, Instruments and Composing, History, Geography, Housekeeping and cooking.

Football (for boys and girls, good teams in competition with other schools) basketball, golf.
Sports in the area: surfing, swimming, horse riding, golf, tennis.

see further information here:

Killmalock, co Limerick.

The school, "Colaiste Iosaef Kilmallock" is a co-educational school that was merged in 1998 from 2 very old schools - the girls 'and boys' high schools. The atmosphere is awesome! Relaxed and warm…. Ireland exchange students are relatively new to Iosaef.

Teaching subjects:
English, French, Irish, Religion, Computer Studies, Maths, Physical Education, Construction Studies, Engineering, Business Studies, Accountancy, Physics, Geography, Biology, Art, Design & Communication Graphics, Agricultural Science, Home Economics, History, Social Education, Leisure & Recreation, Music, Drama, Horticulture.


Hurling, football for girls and boys (separately), basketball, swimming, athletics, badminton.

More schools in Ireland - of course we have many more schools than listed below ...

Student Exchange in Ireland - Cork, South Ireland

Cork is an internationally known student city with 7 colleges and universities. The state schools therefore offer an excellent environment and are proud that many of your students will later successfully graduate from university. The city center with its old churches and Queens University, the beautiful streets and old houses - is a city worth seeing. In no other city is there so much life, live music, cafes, new and old shopping streets and so much atmosphere as in Cork. Cork is called by many "the Paris of Ireland" - international big city flair with the advantages of a small village.

Douglas Community Boys School

The Douglas Community Boys School is one of the newest schools in Ireland and is modernly equipped with language laboratories, computer rooms, art and workshops, a well-stocked library, an observatory, sports halls and tennis courts.
Douglas Community School offers many of the standard courses. The focus is on technology, construction and construction, as well as business management. Sports: hockey, soccer, gaelic games, rugby, basketball, table tennis, badminton, tennis, athletics, golf.

St Angela’s College for girls

St Angela’s College for girls is similarly equipped and offers first aid and health, media and film design, Italian, French, Latin, word processing and European studies in addition to many of the standard subjects.

St. Angela’s College is focused on providing high-quality education and skills for women at work or at university. They pride themselves on hosting international students, and you are particularly welcome here.

In Cork we can place at all other schools that accept students in the school year.


Schools in Ireland - Galway

Galway, the cultural capital of Ireland, is on the west coast. It is a lively, traditional university town with many offers such as life music, theater and art. Galway has all the amenities of a modern city with the charm and safety of a small town and is widely described as the most Irish of all Irish cities.

St Enda's College Galway, co-ed

St Enda’s is located in Salthill, the beach area of ​​Galway. Originally founded as a boarding school in 1928, it is now a sought-after public school in Ireland specializing in languages, computer technology and science.

St Enda's has a very friendly atmosphere. A very pleasant environment for Ireland exchange students.

School subjects:
English, math, physics, chemistry, biology, building and construction, business, music, French, housekeeping, IT, history, geography, art, accounting, technical drawing.

Sports and afternoon program: soccer, basketball, golf, tennis, swimming, public speaking, debating, voluntary service, chess

Student exchange Ireland on the east coast:


East coast of Ireland Wicklow, about 35 km south of Dublin, on the east coast. Old, narrow streets, the Black Castle from the 12th century, old monasteries and churches. Wicklow is one of the most scenic towns on the east coast and students from all over the world come here for adventure sports such as sea fishing, horse riding, water sports such as windsurfing, water skiing, diving, canoeing, climbing and orientation.

Schools in Wicklow:

Founded in 1870, that is Dominican College housed in a historic building. Completely renovated and equipped with the latest technology, science laboratories, tennis courts, sports halls, library, gym, housekeeping area, music & practice rooms, drama and theater stage.
Next door, De La Salle Boys School.

Although the teaching and administration of both schools are separate, both schools use the same premises.

The aim of both institutions is to look at each one individually, to develop personal responsibility, to promote personal growth and leadership of others in an atmosphere of trust and democracy.

Both schools are very popular across the district and the ratings from other exchange students are excellent! Subjects: Here, too, almost all standard subjects are taught. Sports and leisure: hockey, netball, tennis, badminton, gymnastics, dance, excursions, adventure sports, orientation, music events and concerts.

Student exchange Ireland in Dublin

Dublin, the capital of Ireland, is a historic, international city. Big enough to offer the full range of infrastructure of a big city, but also small enough to find your way around quickly. There is so much to see and do, such as the historic Trinity College (the university) in the city center, Temple Bar, the Church of Ireland, to name a few. You can also shop very well in Dublin. There are several shopping streets and markets.

In Dublin we have a number of schools to choose from, here are a few examples:

Portmarnock Community College
state secondary school - co –ed, approx. 900 students

Portmarnock is a sought-after area of ​​Dublin, right on the beach. About 20 minutes by dart - the Dublin tram from the city. The school focuses on the natural sciences and technology. The college regularly participates in competitions.
For the artistically gifted - or those who want to become one, theater groups, musical performances and music lessons are offered.

School subjects:
French, science, chemistry, biology, physics, technical drawing and engineering, IT, graphics, construction, business, economics and standard subjects math, English.

Gaelic football, hurling, soccer, golf, rugby, basketball, gymnastics, swimming, sailing, volleyball, hockey, horse riding.

Private Schools in Ireland - Boarding Schools - Boarding Schools in Ireland

Loreto Abbey School, Dulkey, co. Dublin

Loreto Abbey Catholic School (since 1843), in a beautiful old building, is located directly on the coast in Dulkey, about 25 minutes south of Dublin City. Dulkey used to be an independent place and is now a preferred residential area for Dubliners, which has grown together with Dublin. The old town center with its medieval fortifications, the Archbolds Castle from the 16th century, the pretty houses and the rocky beach, its famous view of the Wicklow Mountains is really worth seeing and really Irish. Most of the schoolgirls live in town and walk to school. You will quickly find a connection here. In the past, the best reports from Ireland exchange students came about "the wonderful days at Loreto Abbey School".

Over the years the school has expanded and equipped with the most modern facilities and technology, such as computer rooms, laboratories, sports halls. The aim of this school is to develop the personality of the students and also to achieve high academic performance.

In order to achieve this, every student has a career guidance councilor as a contact person, a career advisor. If you can't really decide what you want to be later, you've come to the right place. But even if you already know, here you will receive optimal preparation, especially for university.

Subject examples: English, history, gerography, mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, home economics, art, music, sports & health, business organization, computer studies, singing, social studies, politics, personal and social self-development, French, German, Spanish. Sports and leisure: hockey, basketball, athletics, tennis, netball, cricket, golf, table tennis, drama, discussion, public speaking.

Private School in Ireland - Sligo, West Coast

With a population of 20,000, Sligo is the largest city in the north-west of Ireland and a popular summer destination. Sligo is right on the Atlantic coast. It is a cozy, historical and well-arranged small town, but it has the infrastructure of a big city. Theaters, live music, galleries, museums and youth meeting places, shops and shopping centers can be found here. Sligo is also known for horse riding, golf, trekking, cycling, sea fishing and water sports.


Sligo Grammar Private School (The Mall) Co-educational, girls and boys, private school and boarding school

Sligo Grammar School is one of the best private schools in Ireland and is highly sought after and popular with international exchange students due to its good teaching methods and high standard of education. Sligo Grammar is both a private day school and a boarding school.

Day school students live with host families and take part in normal classes. Boarding school students live on campus, in the boarding school and receive special and individual support after school.

Sligo Grammer is located on a large, park-like area with excellent facilities, such as a swimming pool, several sports fields and halls, tennis, workshops, computer, music, language and science laboratories. All standard subjects are taught here.The focus is on natural sciences as well as agriculture, business management, but also art. Sports: rugby, hockey, swimming, golf, canoeing, basketball. The teachers organize other leisure activities and excursions. A career guidance councellor is available to the students. In the area: music lessons, bands and sessions, horse riding


What's next: Please send us an application with your requirements.
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