Who is your ultimate crush

This is how your crush thinks of you!

Love can be so beautifully cruel. Butterfly larvae scour your body, you go blind because the rose-colored glasses did not have UV protection, but still a big smile adorns your face because you can think of nothing more than them.

While she ... probably thinks of Nutella or puppies.
Because women are puppy-eating Nutella lovers, you have to fight to be even cuter than Nutella and that's why we're showing you super simple tips to make her think of you!

The five senses

A person's senses are priceless and these are the keys to success. Of course, this can only be achieved with the necessary instinct. Sure, you can kick her shin and she'll definitely remember you, but let's start with eye contact.

1. Visual, visualization and vision

It is well known that the eyes are the gateway to the soul. An uncreative person may not be able to imagine much under the abstract construct of a soul, but he also feels when thousands upon thousands of butterflies spread in his bowels as soon as he looks into the eyes of the most beautiful woman on earth.

Fortunately, beauty is a subjective ideal and the effects of the eyes mainly determine the radiance. That's why you should learn to make her beautiful eyes. But before you stare at them all evening, we have a few tips for you.

Tip 1: First of all, get involved. As a rule, you can always tell whether someone is interested if that person avoids eye contact. Make eye contact and you will be remembered by her.

Tip 2: Relax your eyes and don't play the psycho. Don't look bored, either, just look attentive. However, do not look too deeply into the soul.

Tip 3: Only intensify your gaze if it meets yours through a large room or a greater distance.

Tip 4 / Finisher Move: Look at each other from a medium distance, smile, then look away and then back again after 2-3 seconds. Or you raise the corners of your mouth and wink with both eyes at the same time, as if you were greeting someone in silence.

2. Touching, stimulating, nerves

You shouldn't annoy them, of course, but stimulate their nerves. Whether in love or not, touch makes you aware and your heart beats faster. The important thing is unexpected, not inappropriate, touch.

Tip 1: Touch her again and again if you want to get her attention, if you want to emphasize a dialogue or if something was entertaining.

Tip 2: If circumstances allow, stand next to her so that you are almost touching, for example on a park bench.

Tip 3: Keep touching it when you reach for something, put something in your hand or the space you are in is too narrow.

3. Say her name

Imagine that you are at a festival, you meet new people in your camp and you all have a problem remembering all the names. "These" embarrassing moments happen again and again. But with those whose names you have been able to remember, you will get to know each other much easier. This is because you and others get the feeling that you are respected.

Tip 1: There are countless opportunities to say her name over the course of a few hours. Notice how often you use the word "you" instead of her name. Just replace it.

Tip 2: Not only names, but nicknames work well. Especially if they are the result of your experiences.

Tip 3 / Secret Move: If she makes you laugh, say her name as you go. But don't overdo it or make it too loud.
For example, if you're laughing at a subatomic quantum mechanical joke from her, say something like: Ha, ha, ha, ha, oh man, Jasmine, not bad at all!

4. The scent

Music and scents are the most fascinating ways to remember something.

Tip 1: Don't bathe in perfume, apply it subtly. It can be a more expensive one, as these fragrances last a long time, but still don't have a scent radius of two meters around you.

Tip 2: Think about what she likes. For example something sporty or a business perfume. Nevertheless, you should still be able to identify with it.

Tip 3 / Secret Move: Find a fragrance that she likes and is confronted with on a daily basis.
For example, if she walks past a flower shop every morning, you get yourself a floral scent that looks like the shop. This is how she will have to think of you every morning.

5. Taste

It is not for nothing that couples who are newly in love often go out to eat. Because every date and the associated restaurant is different, you stay in her mind. The next time she goes out to dinner with her friends in Italian, she will remember that you tried the place with her and will tell her friends about it.

Tip 1: Choosing the right restaurant: It is best to choose a restaurant that you have already visited a few times - a home game, so to speak.

Tip 2: While it's incredibly sexy when she sips up spaghetti between her lips for 20 minutes and the meatballs fall on her blouse, it's better if you skip too much tomato sauce or garlic. It is better to think about what you are eating and what you can recommend beforehand.

Tip 3: Show yourself your best side when it comes to table manners.

Tip 4: Topics you can talk about: music, art, travel and just no details about the "properties" of your body. Show your interest in the things that concern them and listen willingly to them.

She made a note of your name.

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