What's wrong in life

Film: "No really wrong life" 2


ask Bilbo Calvez, she has reworked 40 posts at KenFm and has already been to Siebenlinden.


According to my analysis, we (people) would have to find a way to network locally and where we live,
that what we need for life produce ourselves in cooperation. That can work 80 percent.
This is not possible with airplanes and cars, so you have to think beyond local cooperation.

Why is community life only a niche product?

Major problems I see:

Projects are too special!
E.g. low purchases - you have to bring in all your property and only get a little back when you move out.
Nothing for real performers.
E.g. Aloha - want to live spiritually. Few give their personal rules. Not for people with dissenting opinions.
E.g. Zegg - subject of free love. People who are monogamous are not likely to be attracted to it.

What else I noticed:

The knowledge of economic interrelationships is rather small among the ecos. Terms like stocks, stock market, efficiency are stimulating words.
Real social contexts are only insufficiently recognized or accepted. Terms such as right, citizen of the Reich,
BRD-GmbH, NWO, exponential money supply growth, derivatives, FED, communism, are not really questioned and also dismissed as conspiracy garbage.

Another example is the gender language used in most communities. All that gender stuff has nothing to do with her
To do equal rights for men and women. I still know the GDR. I have retained a critical view of the current system from “outside”.

Lack of cooperation between existing communities.

If life is to assert itself better in communities, it must become more suitable for the masses. Moving in, moving out, job opportunities, pensions (old-age provision), etc. are not really regulated in a way that is suitable for the masses. There should be much more help from existing community projects for people who also want to start communities. Communities must be thought of as a system that is independent of the existing system. So what does a system of communities need if it is to function autonomously?

The existing society must be questioned in everything taboo in order to then find niches for collective projects.
The collective is the counter model (and the enemy) of the private sector! If it should develop out of the niche then there will be headwinds and hindrances from the existing private sector model.

I could write a lot more about it and I wrote in my book.

Otherwise I'm looking forward to the film.

Greetings Roland