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Problem: Bluetooth not working in Windows 10? Here's how to fix it

I finally installed the Creators Update and what happened next? None of my bluetooth devices are working. Bluetooth is apparently no longer available on the system. Does anyone know how to fix this? Otherwise I'll have to roll back to the Anniversary Update ...

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In addition to many improvements and new features, Windows 10 has brought a handful of bugs. After Microsoft released the Creators Update, the excitement over Anniversary Update issues has subsided, and there is a clear explanation for this. Microsoft released many updates for build 1607, so the number of problems has decreased significantly.

In the meantime, the Creators Update provides for new, intolerable errors, such as connection problems or missing Bluetooth. Many users complained about the unavailability of Bluetooth even after the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, so it is very likely that the problem will not go away in the future. Because of this, we've put together a number of solutions that could help resolve the "Bluetooth not available on Windows 10" issue.

Many members of the Microsoft community encountered Bluetooth issues where the feature simply stopped working after installing the latest Windows update. This means that none of the Bluetooth devices, such as the keyboard, mouse, headphones, speakers, fitness trackers, cell phones, etc., could be connected to the affected system.

Most devices with Bluetooth connectivity issues have been manually updated to the Windows 10 Creators Update. However, Microsoft recommends installing the update using the Windows Update function to avoid such problems.

Microsoft has already been able to specify devices with the problem "Bluetooth not available" in more detail. However, this does not mean that other devices cannot be affected. Affected devices are the following:

  • Laptops from Lenovo, Samsung, Asus, Toshiba and Acer
  • Intel, Logitech, CSR Nanosira Bluetooth
  • ALPS and IBM integrated Bluetooth
  • Belkin bluetooth adapter
  • Blutonium Bluetooth single chip
  • Generic bluetooth radio
  • GVC and FIC Bluetooth Wireless Adapter
  • ALPS Bluetooth USB adapter and many more

How to Fix Bluetooth Issues in Windows 10?

If Bluetooth no longer works after updating Windows 10, there is no need to panic and you do not have to undo the update immediately. Those affected were able to resolve issues with Bluetooth mice and keyboards by performing the following steps:

Method 1. Update or reinstall Bluetooth drivers

Drivers are important parts of the operating system and if one of them does not work properly it can cause the device to become inoperable. So make sure your drivers are up to date:

  1. Right click on begin and choose Device manager.
  2. Expand the section Bluetooth and click on the Bluetooth device driver.
  3. Choose Update driver software and click on Automatically check for updated driver software.
  4. Wait for Windows to update the device driver.
  5. Reboot your system.

If updating didn't help, try reinstalling the driver. To do this, follow steps 1-3, the difference being that instead of updating the driver software, you are choosing the option Uninstall choose. Then manually download the appropriate driver from the manufacturer's website for your Bluetooth device and install it. Then restart the system.

Method 2. Reinstall bluetooth devices

In case method 1 didn't help fix the missing bluetooth, try reinstalling the bluetooth device:

  1. Right click on begin and choose Settings.
  2. click on equipment.
  3. Find the faulty device, e.g. For example, click the bluetooth keyboard and select Remove device.
  4. Then click on Add a bluetooth or other device.
  5. Select the type of device you want to add.
  6. Confirm with Further and wait for the system to discover the bluetooth device.
  7. click on Further and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

Method 3. Check the Bluetooth connection settings

  1. Enter Cortana in the search box Control panel and press Enter.
  2. Open the section Hardware and sound and choose Bluetooth settings.
  3. Choose Options and make sure that the box next to Bluetooth devices can connect to this computer is marked.

TIP: If your PC / laptop allows the connection of Bluetooth devices, check whether the device you want to connect to the computer can be found.

Method 4. Turn off airplane mode and turn on bluetooth

  1. Right click on begin and choose Settings.
  2. Open the section Network and internet and choose Airplane mode.
  3. Turn off the Airplane mode off and then turn on Bluetooth on.
  4. Now connect the bluetooth device and see if the problem is solved.

Method 5. Run Windows troubleshooter

  1. Right click on begin and choose Settings.
  2. Open Update and security and choose Troubleshooting.
  3. Select the option Bluetooth and click on Run troubleshooter.
  4. Wait for the system to detect and fix the problems.

Method 6. Enable Bluetooth-related services

  1. Press the buttons Windows + R, give services.msc and press the Enter key.
  2. Double click on Bluetooth support service out. If the service is not running, click Startto activate it.
  3. Set the Start type on Automatically a.
  4. Now go to the tab Log In, Mark your choiche Local system account and click on OK.
  5. Restart the system.

Hopefully you have successfully fixed the bluetooth issues bluetooth not working on Windows 10 and reconnecting all the required devices. To ensure system stability in the future, make sure that you install all available Windows 10 updates and check the system regularly with a professional optimization program. We recommend using Reimage as it alerts you to both system optimization and malware.

Fix bluetooth not working on mac

MacOS users can also encounter such problems when trying to pair their Bluetooth device, e.g. headphones. However, since the operating systems macOS and Windows are fundamentally different, it is not possible to solve the problems on the Mac with the Windows instructions.

So, below are solutions that should help you get rid of Bluetooth issues on Mac.

Method 1. Check device for malware

In some cases, a malware infection can cause the Mac to stop supporting regular functions such as Bluetooth - researchers have found that every tenth computer is infected with the Shlayer Trojan. So the first thing we recommend is to scan your Mac with a powerful anti-malware designed for this operating system. We'd go for Intego or Combo Cleaner, but any other reputable security tool can do the job.

Method 2. Delete PLIST files

Many Mac users say this method helped fix Bluetooth issues.

  1. While on the desktop or in the Finder, press Command + Shift + G.
  2. Enter the following and press the Enter key or click on to open.

    / Library / Preferences /

  3. Find and delete the following two files (you may be prompted for your AppleID and password): "com.apple.Bluetooth.plist" and "com.apple.Bluetooth.plist.lockfile

Method 3. Reset the bluetooth module

When the bluetooth module is reset, all bluetooth devices will be disconnected from the Mac. Keep this in mind if you are using a wireless mouse / keyboard.

  1. When you're on the desktop, hold down the keys at the same time Option + Shift pressed.
  2. While holding down the keys, click the Bluetooth symbol (in the menu bar next to WiFi, time, etc.).
  3. Select with the mouse Debug and then Reset the bluetooth module.
  4. Restart your Mac and see if Bluetooth is working again.

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