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Dark (Seasons 1-3)

The main events

In Dark - Season 2 has a few key events that are and will be relevant to the story:

Paradox: Elizabeth Doppler is her mother's mother

Charlotte and Elisabeth Doppler are like the hen and the egg.

We are in the year 2020: Elizabeth Doppler is the deaf-mute daughter of Charlotte Doppler. Elisabeth escapes into the bunker to protect herself from the apocalypse and there meets a young Noah, who traveled in time from 1921. The two will probably fall in love and father a child. That kid is Charlotte Doppler! Noah sends the young Charlotte back to 1953. There she grows up and in turn fathered Elisabeth with Peter Doppler.

The crazy thing about it: Elisabeth is both mother and daughter Charlotte.

Fate: Jonas becomes Adam

Why does Jonas become the super villain Adam?

In fact, Noah is not the puller at all, but a furrowed man named Adam. Adam has made it his life's work to destroy the world in 2020 in order to build a new one.

As it turns out, Adam is Jonas' old self. But how does Jonas become Adam? Your interests are currently absolutely contrary.

At the end of the second season, Adam kills Jonas ’girlfriend Martha in front of his eyes. Jonas is horrified, but Adam assures Jonas that this step is necessary so that Jonas can develop into the man who is Adam.

Claudia Tiedemann aka "The White Devil"

Claudia, aka "The White Devil", plays against the Sic Mundus organization, but her role is not yet fully apparent.

Claudia is the old, white-haired woman who has been haunted by winds since season 1. In season 2 we learn that she is one of the most important characters in the Game of Time and also an opponent for Sic Mundus. Since Claudia is an active time traveler and behaves like a phantom, Egon Tiedemann baptized her as “the white devil”.

In 1987, Claudia Tiedemann was given a time machine by her older self. The older self gives her the mysterious message that everything has to happen as it happened, and if everything worked out, her daughter would be alive. But Claudia from 1987 does not yet understand this message.

Claudia travels with the time machine from 1987 to 2020 and learns two horrific things there: First, her daughter Regina has cancer, and second, her father Egon Tiedemann is dead.

Claudia only knows the date of her father's death. So she travels back in time to prevent death and (ironically) kills it herself. Claudia returns to 2020 to at least save her daughter and survives the apocalypse in the bunker with her.

Investigation by Commissioner Clausen

Commissioner Clausen believes that the head of the nuclear power plant, Alexander Tiedemann, killed his missing brother. And he's right.

Inspector Clausen's brother was killed in the 80s by Alexander Tiedemann, the current manager of the nuclear power plant in Winden. Alexander Tiedemann, however, covered up this murder well because he took the name of his murder victim and then married Regina Tiedemann, whose surname he adopted.

However, Commissioner Clausen gets a new lead from an anonymous informant: a letter that directs suspicion to Alexander Tiedemann. Commissioner Clausen receives a search warrant for the nuclear power plant and (unintentionally) activates a god particle that is responsible for the apocalypse.

The apocalypse: beginning and end

The Apocalypse of Winds: beginning and end at the same time.

On June 27, 2020 (also the start date of season 3), the so-called apocalypse will happen, starting from the nuclear power plant in Winden.

The apocalypse was triggered by the following events:

  • Activation of a God particle from Elisabeth in 2053
  • Activation of a twin god particle from Sic Mundus in 1921
  • Opening of a barrel in the nuclear power plant and activation of a third God particle by Commissioner Clausen in 2020

Most of the main characters survived the apocalypse. So let's take a look at the starting point for season 3.

The end of season 2

At the end of season two, our characters are in different places at different times. Here is an overview:

  • Bunker (2020):
    Noah, Elisabeth Doppler, Peter Doppler, Regina Tiedemann, Claudia Tiedemann
  • Time machine apparatus (2020):
    Jonas old, Bartosch, Magnus and Franziska travel either to 1954 or 1987
  • Tunnel passage (2020):
    Katharina Nielsen looking for her son Mikkel
  • Portal nuclear power plant (2020):
    Charlotte is brought into the future by Elisabeth (2053)
  • New time machine (2020):
    The young Jonas and an alternative version of Martha travel to an unknown place, possibly to a parallel world
  • Portal Sic Mundus (1921):
    Adam travels to an unknown time

We hope that after reading this round-up, you're well prepared for Season 3. If you want to remember Season 1 as well, just read on.

Season 3: Ending Explained

In season 3 there are not only different times but also several worlds.

The third and final season of the hit series Dark is through and the makers actually managed to bring the series to a satisfactory end. With such a complex universe, that's a tough achievement. To describe each individual character development would go beyond the scope, which is why we better concentrate on the essentials in this explanation.

Adam and Eve ... and Claudia?

At the end of the second season it turns out that besides the different times there are also different universes ... the apocalyptic future at the end of the first season was obviously not enough. This time, emotional and character depth was saved in order to establish the new parallel universe.

Martha is at the center of the second world. The yellow rain jacket underlines that in this world she probably takes on the role of Jonas, who does not exist here. It becomes clear that the three universes seem to try to be as similar as possible and thus behave parallel to each other. Little things like Wöller's missing arm instead of his eye patch, that Franziska and not Elisabeth is deaf and dumb or Hannah and not Katharina is Ulrich's betrayed, show the minimal differences between the worlds. Martha is the equivalent of Jonas and her alias Eva is the equivalent of Adam. She herself leads a group called Erit Lux, which has set itself the task of keeping things going under all circumstances.

The stranger, Martha's child, is only on the move in a pack of three and carries out his mother's will.

Adam tries as an opponent to destroy both worlds with the help of his extensive group Sic Mundus and thus to lead people into paradise (i.e. into nothingness). When the younger Jonas leaves his world with Martha 2.0 to travel to their world, they father a child. Adam thought (wrongly) that this child was the origin of the worlds and therefore must be destroyed. He ends up killing Martha pregnant ... and nothing happens. Everything happened the way it always will if it weren't for Claudia.

So now we come to the real puller! Claudia explores the phenomenon from both Adam and Eve's world in order to change the course of things and turn a self-consistent universe into an inconsistent one. After 33 years she found out that there still has to be a third world in which only those live who were not born through the time knot and through paradoxes.

Your finding in a nutshell: The knot of the time jump is not in one of the two known worlds, but in the so-called original world. Something has to be changed there so that the two sick worlds do not arise.

Claudia's motivation is her love for Regina, who suffers from cancer. Since Tronte, with whom she had an affair years earlier, is not Regina's father, it was clear to her that if the two secondary worlds were destroyed, her daughter would survive in the third. Tronte is namely the child of the son of Martha and Agnes and is also a product of the paradox. Claudia worked the whole time neither for Adam nor for Eva, but for herself and that her daughter Regina does not die!

Claudia has the overview.

But how?

Traveling through the worlds is used by different people and is caused by the two apocalypses. Time stands still here for a short time and the worlds overlap. Claudia uses it to tell Adam about her findings, so that he deviates from his original plans to kill Eve in order to change the course of things. Eva uses it to get exactly this way of things and therefore sends her son (in three different ages) around between the worlds, among other things to enable the construction of the nuclear power plant and to commit some murders so that he is born. Finally, Martha and Jonas use it to travel to the original world and see the accident of the son, daughter-in-law and grandson of H.G. To prevent Tannhaus and finally to prevent the creation of the parallel worlds.

It was Tannhaus!

So the origin was never the child of Jonas and Martha (whenever this was born, we will never know), but the invention of H.G. Tannhaus. He wanted his son, his wife and his grandson back with him, tried time travel and then stupidly two more parallel universes emerged. Looks like Adam killed the young and pregnant Martha for free ...

When Claudia explains to Adam as well as Jonas and Martha that the starting point of the twisted worlds in the death of the son of H.G. Tannhaus, the two young versions prevent the car accident at the end of the last episode. Tannhaus therefore no longer has the drive to invent a time machine. With this, Jonas and Martha sacrifice themselves, who would not even exist without the separated worlds.

Everything has an end, only winch has two

Both Adam and Eve's world are now out of the window, but who exactly is still part of the original world? In the last scene the following characters can be seen at the dining room table: A heavily pregnant woman Hannah Kruger In a relationship with Torben Wöller (still with eye patch), a healthy one Regina Tiedemann, Peter Doppler In a relationship with Bernadette Wöller and Katharina Albers. When the power goes out in the house and Hannah sees the yellow rain jacket and says she has a strange deja vu. In short, she decides to name her child Jonas. An accident? One does not know.

Do you want to find out more about the various items and characters? On this website there is enough further information about the eternal expanse of the Windener worlds.