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The information, essays and writings stored here are primarily intended to address Christians whose guideline is the Bible. First of all, special attention is paid to both the current charismatic in the evangelical field and the now widespread religious movementjudged in the hope of reaching children of God in these directions. But something else also relates to the examination of doctrinal concepts and practices that have been handed down by the popular church. We do not want to rise above other people, but would like to point out that the reading to be obtained here requires a somewhat more detailed knowledge of the Bible, and it is quite possible that things are not or not sufficiently understood where this knowledge is missing or biblical knowledge is rejected from the outset. Anyone who does not want to do anything with faith and the Bible is free to leave these pages again; they will have nothing to say to him.

In this respect we want to address those to whom the word of the Bible is unreservedly regarded as the inspired word of God and who are therefore ready to accept it as this. Because
“All scriptures are inspired by God (that is, inspired by God) and useful for instruction, conviction, correction, and education in righteousness; that the man of God may be prepared, equipped for every good work(New Testament,Paul's second letter to Timothy, chapter 3, verses 16-17). In this context we cannot avoid making it clear that without a clear turn to the Lord Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for our sins and rose again, according to the statements of the Holy Scriptures it will not be possible to do spiritual things at all detect; the Bible clearly states that anyone who wants to understand anything about the kingdom of God must first be spiritually born again. “The human soul, however, accepts nothing from the depths of the Spirit of God; for they are foolishness to him. And he cannot know them because they can only be explored spiritually (First letter of Paul to the Corinthians, Chapter 2, verse 14).

These pages have been online since 2003. You can read the reason for the creation of the offer here
. Like most of the writings, this justification has now been revised and supplemented several times.
But now to the scriptures themselves.

You can read them online or download them to print, read and share for free, which may be more interesting for most. Please pay attention to the information given at the end of the essays.

1.1. The tithe lie. Approx. 130 A4 pages in four chapters.

With remarks and comments at the end of the respective chapter. This pamphlet deals in particular with the custom, which is widespread in many religious communities, of claiming a tenth part of their income from all their members. Is this, along with the many other doctrines and practices represented there, biblical or not, and does it still correspond to love? Read some statements about the various orders of the Bible. Who are they for, and for what time are they written? What else is grace and what is law? Why is leadership being talked about so much today? How does the whole thing relate to church history, and what does the Bible - and especially the New Testament - really say about it? How do the practices described here have anything to do with spiritual abuse? The essays contained here want to call for repentance!

Please read for yourself.

Chapter 1:
For Guide * Introduction * The Curse of the Law * The Effective Power of Error * Grace or Reward? * Enemies of the cross * Spiritual fornication and money: Babylon * The foreign yoke * Fear * Out of the wrong covenant: Free from debt * Loyalty or capitalism? * The death sentence of the cross * Closed heavenly windows * Love is not looking for your * desire? Escape! * The Different Gospel and the Banished of God * Warning role models: God alone * "I feel good ... What is wealth * From keeping the law: living for oneself * The word from the cross: prescribed sting * Way of life - way of life? * Sons of stubbornness * The incantations of the Skevasons * The Galatians: captivated, enchanted, led away * The window of Eutychus * Fogged with wine? I can not read!

Chapter 2:
Robbery, deceit, seduction * The double drachm and the first fish: a fundamental judgment * What was binding (Mt 23) * Tetzel's “justice” * Myths and facts about the doctrine of tithing * Flesh command or heavenly expectation? * From the blessing of Abraham to the anchor of the soul * For a better resurrection: Race with perseverance

Chapter 3:
The promised land: strength and responsibility of Israel * Heaven and earth: two promises, two orders * Abraham, the stranger in his own land * Who does the land belong to? * Provision under the New Covenant: From the end of the grain house * From the rich man whose field had borne well * The order of the heavenly inhabitants: The bread of life * The manna in the desert: measure of the heavenly * Death and life, blessing and curse * From of the community of love for the Christian organization * You give them something to eat: First love

Chapter 4:
Fallen * By clerics and kings: Forays through history * The dividing wall * The right of kings * Kings and rulers: It should not be like that with you
  „The tithe lie can also be downloaded as a whole.

1.2 Tithing and bread

God no longer blesses if I don't tithe.“We will investigate this question in a smaller treatise on about 10 pages and thus come primarily to speak of God's ordinances regarding the provision of the members of the New Covenant - the church. How did the development come about as we largely have it today? What wrong paths are there, how can we leave them, and which path should we take? The whole thing can be read as a supplement to the above text, but certainly also separately for those who have a little less time, but still want to deal with the topic.

The tithe and the bread

There's another one here Download option.

2. The reins of God - On the error of belief in vision. Approx. 8 A4 pages.

This is about the statement that has become widespread in many charismatic, Pentecostal and religious communities that a church has a “vision need in order not to become self-indulgent and to stay on God's way. Is this belief actually based on what the scriptures say, or is it based on a misinterpretation? What is to be made of it?

Please get to the bottom of the matter and read for yourself.


You can find another download option here.

3. Rich and poor - the judge at the doors. Approx. 25 A4 pages.

Thoughts on the letter of James taking into account various doctrines of the so-called faith movement. With notes.

What is wisdom Why is active charity so very important? How does God think of us when we put our desires above the needs and needs of our neighbors? May we say that we are in the sight of God correct because we are wealthier than others, and thus condemn those who have nothing? What does God's Word say about those that exist in many circles Prosperity really?

Read something about love and lack of love, about rich and poor. What does James have to say to us about this?


This font can also be downloaded in PDF format.

4. From the Way of Cain or The Wounded Love. Approx. 11 pages A4.

Thoughts on the Temple of God.

Is sacrifice more important to God than love for brother and sister? The Bible firmly denies this. What is church, and what are the members of which you consists? Whom shall we serve? Do we have to help in any case, and what are the limits? What about the path of Cain, and where does fratricide begin? How can we prevent bitterness in our siblings' lives?

You can read something here about turning and love, wrong ways and ways out:

If you also want to download this font, you can do so here.

5. Don't you know? You are the temple! Approx. 20 A4 pages.

Thoughts on the concept of the church in the New Testament.

With numerous notes and comments in the appendix.

How did the church come about that the Bible describes not only as the body of Christ but also as the spiritual temple of God? How should the term “local church”, which is much used today, be assessed? What is church really, and where do sects start? Why are there so many different churches and names when God wanted his own to be one? Isn't it the many names that do the body split and split?

If you want to deal with these and other questions on the topic, read here:


your can download this essay here.

6. The single, the married and the remnant.

Words about marriage and divorce in Scripture. Approx. 22 pages A4.

This is an explosive subject among the pious to this day. Is divorce prohibited in any case? What is the meaning of covenants before God? Is God to be found in every covenant? When can a covenant be dissolved, and when is it not allowed to do so under any circumstances? What Does the Bible Really Say About This?


Stand or walk An introduction * Single, married, other: what applies to whom? * Married and divorced * What God brings together, man should not separate * From divine and other covenants * The triple cord * The rest: believers and non-believers * Well-meaning together * Holy to the Lord * Not slavishly bound * What do you know? * Called in peace

A meditation on First Letter to the Corinthians, chapter 7. 8-16.
With some additional comments and parallel passages in the appendix.

Are you interested in the topic? Then go to this page:

Here is the download option in PDF format.

7. The assignment of heads - thoughts about man and woman

A meditation on Ephesians 5. 22-31. Approximately 9 pages A4.

What Does Scripture Really Say About Marriage, Heading, and Submission? What does it mean when Paul writes that woman is subordinate to man, but that man should love her just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her? Both are therefore mutually dependent and belong very closely together! Is it still love when submission is simply demanded? This publication would also like to do away with common prejudices and indeed centuries-old, but still wrong, doctrinal concepts in this area!

D.his can be downloaded here.

8. Face to face - loss and restoration of immediacy

Various studies and thoughts about today's church structuresand their assessment biblical point of view. About the origin and nature of the hierarchy. Mediation, the contradiction of the unmediated. Seduction and repatriation, death and life and other topics, compiled in five chapters. The studies have not yet been completed, some of them are only rudimentary and may be revised from time to time and supplemented. A total of about 95 A4 pages. Are you interested in it? Then read here:

Jethro, the priest of Midian * Jethro's advice: fateful reversal * Jethro's sacrifice and the Elohim: where from, where to? * Review I: Separation and reunion * The bridegroom * Moses in the midst of Israel - reunion at Horeb * The sacrifice, mediator of a covenant * Jethro admires Yahweh, the stronger, and yet remains Midian's priest * Excursus: The one God Yahweh and the many Elohim * Holy His name * After the sacrifice: Jethro's order * Review II: Moses fleeing and sitting at Midian's well * Remembering Abraham: No mixing * Midian's flesh and blood or of breaking God's commandments * Jethro's influence - leaven of mixing: Are you useless? * From Midian's cunning, Moses Wrath and a hidden grave * The right of Midian and the call to the order of God * Of the useless and stumbling blocks: watch out for your descendants * The seventy elders - a prophetic representation of the New Covenant * From hearing the voice of God to mediation under the law * The golden one Calf with the name of God: do you build yourself?
Chapter 2: Calling God or King's Right?

The dividing wall * Israel desires a king: apostasy from the living God and the right to kings (taken from “The Tithing Lie”) * “Schools of the Prophets” and “Discipleship Doctrine” - Old or New Covenant? * Elia and Elisa: When will “Your Elia” be taken from you? * Of the sons of the prophets and other stupidities * Of the incompetence of God's called: "Woe to me - I am perishing!" * Untrained and ignorant, but together with Jesus: Do you desire Him?
Chapter 3: Friend, Move Down

Of the peace of God or: When the order is turmoil * Be silent when the brother speaks: From the part of the whole to the whole of the parts * Decency, expression of love * two ways * pay attention to the brothers: look up, don't look down * the poured drink: from death to life * support of friends, distance in blessing: see! * Distance, the pride of Sunday speakers * One over all, all through all, all in all
Chapter 4: Who is your referee?

The peace of God, arbiter of the heart * Sun and moon or: What do you see? * Service to the feet: light on my way * The shell and the face * The false humility or: Do you want to be promoted? * Parading ambassadors: The stolen peace * Educators of immaturity
Chapter 5: God has ways out of death

Robbed and led away: Apathy, the silent cry for help * The service of death: Frozen pillars of salt * From wounding to healing: guard your heart * Spiritual attitude: victory over death * „...and the LORD my Lord are the outcomes of death

These essays can be downloaded here as a whole file.

9. People of immediacy

Thoughts about direct and indirect relationships with God and with one another. With the help of images of a hierarchy, a circle and a breaking circle, the internal structures and, above all, the essence of the corresponding arrangements are made clear. Two book excerpts from a book by Eugen Edel on the topic complete the explanations and thus conclude them.


  Here you can download it in PDF format.

10. The gift and the robbery

Thoughts about the graces of God according to the New Testament. With notes.


“Eager for the gifts” - in freedom * Bread, fish and egg or stone, snake and scorpion? * The person of the Holy Spirit * Spiritual gifts - what for? We are converted and have the Bible! * The effectiveness of the Holy Spirit as God's side by side * Gifts of grace - grace wrought by the Spirit * From the path of love or: What is perfect that is to come? * Love never fails: The persistence of faith, hope and love * The perfection as the perfection of the body in unity and the dawn of seeing face to face * The "knowing from part" and the basis of love * The gifts of prophecy , the knowledge and the gift of language as a sign of judgment and the attempt to abolish it by reinterpretation * "All of you!" - "Not all!" * From the diligence of practicing: Mind and will are actively involved * From Koinonía or: Grow up * From the interrelationships of the gifts among themselves * The order of distance * “The gifts of the spirit are the gifts of the spirit” * The robbery and the reconciliation .

Here, not least from our own experience, but also from mistakes we have made ourselves, we thought about the gifts of the Spirit according to the New Testament and the developments of today's charismatic movement. Does what we experience or have experienced always coincide with the Scriptures? How can we take over what is tried and tested, but turn off what is wrong? How do we avoid false teachings on either side of the way, and how do we deal with the extremes hostile to gifts to which many have fled? What role does love play in all of this? Here, too, it is our concern to let the Bible speak.

About 77 pages.


  And here is the PDF.

11. Baptism according to the Scriptures

Popular church baptism teachings in the light of the New Testament.


Quo Vadis? * One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism * The Baptism Covenant Doctrine - Another Covenant? * The handmaid of the Lord: it will happen to me according to your word * baptism and immaturity * substitute faith? * Who gives whom to death and when? * Baptized into one body through the one Spirit * Three marks of the presence of the Spirit of God * You did not choose me ... * Appendix: The so-called "house baptisms" of the New Testament

Status: 01/01/2014, about 56 A4 pages.

Baptism according to the Scriptures

  The whole thing is available here as a PDF file.

12. The assembly of God

The called out as the coming together of the Lord and the temple of God

How does God's church define itself and what does it not? Can human work call itself a community? What are the characteristics of a meeting?


Introduction * Church - a summoned gathering of God * Do not leave the congregation * The Temple of God * Notes

The assembly of God

  The corresponding PDF file is available here.

13. The mulberry tree

How do you pull up a mulberry tree?
A brief consideration of Luke 17. 1 - 10 on about two pages.

The mulberry tree

  Here we have the PDF file for this.

14. The open face

God's Word replaces the thought of revenge with the thought of the open face turned towards the neighbor. We want to pursue this topic in this little Bible study on Matthew 5:38 - 48.

The open face

  Here is the corresponding PDF file.

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