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Learn to take photos very easily

Our e-book “101 photographs and the story behind them” introduces you to the art of photography

You are passionate about photography, but your photos are missing the finishing touches? My eBook "101 photographs and the story behind them”Lists you 144 pages into the world of photography. Take a look behind the scenes of 101 breathtaking photographs (the 2nd edition has another 19 telephoto recordings as an extra) and find out how exactly the pictures were taken and soon be able to take extraordinary photos yourself. It's not as hard as you think it is.

I also give you 23 tips and tricks that are essential for a good photographer. How is the picture crisp from front to back, why is a good tripod essential or why you should shoot all photos in raw format. Questions to which I will give you the right answer.

You also learn everything important in connection with filters. What does a polarizing filter do, how do you use the gray filter correctly and why is a gray graduated filter essential in landscape photography? I also give purchase recommendations for the right filters.

You can expect 120 breathtaking photographs with all settings for the photos. You will also find out many useful tips

One-time payment of € 8.90 (including VAT) for the e-book “101 photographs and the story behind them” (in PDF format). If you click on “Download”, you will be redirected to the website of our partner Digistore24. There you can pay for the e-book via PayPal, instant transfer, credit card or invoice. You will then receive a download link by email.

Learning to take photos: With a telephoto lens in Iceland

Learning to take photos: It all depends on the right light

Learning to take photos: long exposure on Kauai’i

With my eBook “101 photographs and the story behind them” I want to show you that learning to take photos is not that difficult. You also don't need expensive camera equipment to conjure up breathtaking landscape photos. A cheap entry-level DSLR or a mirrorless system camera is all you need to take a good photo.

My e-book gives you a feel for what is really important in good landscape photography. Do you always look for a suitable foreground, do you pay attention to the lines and do you take photos at the best time of the day? Excellent! If you still use the right settings and you use a few essential filters, you will soon come home with stunning landscape photos.

You really don't have to roll through thick photo books to discover the secret of fascinating landscape photos. With my e-book “101 photographs and the story behind them” I want to awaken the fun of photography and show you what is really important when it comes to photography.

For all 101 photos (+19 photos extra in the second edition) you will find the exact camera settings, the filters used and a short description in which I explain exactly what is important for the photo.

I am sure that you will be making significant progress in photography in no time.

101 breathtaking landscape shots

Photos like this are no magic - with our eBook you can look behind the scenes of unique landscape photos

This is what awaits you in our e-book “101 photographs and the story behind them”

23 tips for better landscape photos

  • Why a good tripod is essential
  • The right lens
  • Filters are the be-all and end-all
  • Raw format vs. Jpg format
  • The histogram
  • Sharpness
  • Image noise
  • Image composition
  • The perfect light
  • and much more

The right filters

What does the polarizing filter do, how do you use gray filters (with a large table of exposure times) and why are gray graduated filters essential

101 photographs

  • Seas, rivers & lakes
  • Gorges and canyons
  • Mountains and landscapes
  • Deserts
  • Cities
  • Extra: 19 pictures with the telephoto lens

The story behind the photos, what really matters and all the settings

One-time payment of € 8.90 (including VAT) for the e-book “101 photographs and the story behind them” (in PDF format). If you click on “Download”, you will be redirected to the website of our partner Digistore24. There you can pay for the e-book via PayPal, instant transfer, credit card or invoice. You will then receive a download link by email.

Stefanie von Gipfel-Glück

Most people cannot take good photos just like that. You have to take a lot of photos, try a lot and look at other photographers' photos. It helps to work through Florian's ebook piece by piece ”. The many examples help you little by little to train your eye, to develop your own creativity and technical understanding of the camera.

Maik from

I read the announcement for the eBook “101 Photographs” with great enthusiasm. The fantastic landscape shots are already impressive when you leaf through it for the first time. The short and precise explanations of the image structure and the camera settings are well explained and can inspire even an amateur photographer with a sound basic knowledge to imitate.

Alexandra from Travelingtheworld72

Even in Florian's photo workshop, I was very impressed by the way in which he conveyed his broad knowledge and how he managed to get us participants to take good photos even without extensive technical knowledge. With his eBook I feel very well supported to experiment with landscape photography on my own. It gives an in-depth look at the basic rules.

In numerous practical examples, the reader not only receives comprehensive information about the settings used, but also learns worth knowing about the subject of image composition. A great reference book that I can recommend to anyone interested in studying landscape photography.

Christian von Christian Mütterthies Photography

The e-book takes a very interesting approach and is well prepared. I can only recommend this eBook to anyone who really wants to get ahead with photography in general and landscape photography in particular. The book is not written after the moth “press this button” or “now use these settings”.

It is precisely these platitudes that the author deliberately refrains from. Rather, the approach to each of the 101 images shown is to show the EXIF ​​data and to address the situation in a short making of - that's great in my opinion. So I can draw my own conclusions and learn what effects the settings have on the image while looking at the EXIF ​​data.

Look into the book

You can simply click on the pictures to enlarge them.

In our e-book you will learn 23 basic photography basics

What does the polarizing filter do? You can also find out about this in our e-book

The e-book sharpens your eye for great photo motifs

With the camera settings you can draw conclusions for your own recordings

You can find many examples of great photos taken with the wide-angle lens

Night shots with auroras are also discussed

About the photographer

I grew up in the western part of Berlin and experienced the fall of the Berlin Wall up close. The reunification and the city, as a rapidly changing melting pot, shaped my childhood and youth. Even in this context, I developed a very strong interest in photography. The city offered me an inexhaustible wealth of inspiration and motifs. But I soon discovered that I was particularly fond of taking pictures in nature. On numerous trips I had the opportunity to devote myself to landscape photography and to discover new, fascinating places over and over again. I acquired this knowledge self-taught over the course of many years.

My passion is to discover and capture the breathtaking spectacle of landscape and light, wherever on earth I may find it. To be in the middle of a nature that has hardly changed in thousands of years, where one wishes to contemplate the scenery in awe, and time stands still, is an incredible asset for me.