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From homeless to millionaire: How Tobi Pearce built an empire of millions


Cheering fans, hundreds of thousands of followers from all over the world and sold out stadiums: At the age of 25, Tobi Pearce and his girlfriend and fitness entrepreneur Kayla Itsines are worth a proud $ 46 million.

A few years ago it was all a distant dream for the young entrepreneur, who mostly appears in the background while Kayla is the face of the fitness empire. She has 9.6 million Instagram subscribers, he about 113,000. The story of Tobi Pearce is no less impressive than that of his celebrity girlfriend.

How Tobi Pearce went from homeless to millionaire

Tobi Pearce grew up in a small town in Australia. In interviews, the 25-year-old is reluctant to talk about his difficult childhood, simply saying that the family of four had many problems.

In July 2017, he gave his Instagram subscribers a deeper look. He wrote, "My sister has severe bipolar disorder and has had manic outbreaks since I was ten that have led to personal attacks on the family, suicide attempts, and more."

Speaking to Business Insider Germany, he says, “The easier answer is that my home life as a teenager wasn't as positive as I would have liked. So I decided to leave because I wanted the chance to improve my quality of life. "

He was 16 years old when he went to school in the morning and never came home.

“I went to school but slept in my car, on the streets, in public toilets, or with friends.” With a job that earned him $ 45 a week, he often had to borrow money from acquaintances. At 19 he lived in a small hut.

His bright spot was personal training. "I thought to myself, if I become successful, I can make others happy, leave my hut and be 'free'," he wrote on Instagram. He has always looked up to business people, he explains in an interview.

“My motivation was pretty simple: I just wanted to be happy and independent. In addition, it has always motivated me that I always want to do things better than what I am doing right now. "

With Kayla Itsines, Tobi Pearce became one of the most influential people in the fitness industry

During university, Tobi Pearce gave full throttle with personal training. In late 2012, he met his current girlfriend and fiancée, Kayla Itsines, at the gym.

In 2014 the couple launched the “Bikini Body Guide”, a 12-week fitness program. In addition, Itsines, who also worked as a personal trainer, posted before-and-after photos of her customers on her Instagram profile. Since then, a huge fan base has formed that calls itself "Kayla’s Army" - a complete success for the couple.


Tobi Pearce also founded the tech company SWEAT, which published e-books and an app of the same name on which various fitness trainers (including Kayla Itsines) show their fitness programs.

Pearce likes to compare his app with the streaming service Netflix:

“Netflix is ​​an entertainment company, they mainly create and deliver content on their platform. It's similar to what we do, but in the health and fitness industry. The SWEAT app is our way of offering content. In contrast to films and series, however, they are fitness programs. It's a very similar business model, but they are different industries. "

The target group are women of all ages, the core group is between 20 and 35 years. The app offers something for everyone: workouts especially for the period after pregnancy, yoga and gym workouts and much more.

The moment whenTobi Pearcerealized he made it

Tobi Pearce and Kayla Itsines are very careful to listen to the wishes of their customers and to implement them. It doesn't just pay off financially.

“For me personally, my greatest achievement was something that I experienced when we did our boot camps a few years ago,” Pearce described in an interview. “We could see the women come together, help each other and make friends. Making a positive impact on the lives of these women is very fulfilling. It is difficult to put this feeling into words. "

“When you do a business online, you see the numbers, the marketing dashboard ... But actually meeting these people and seeing them all in one room was really exciting. It's a completely different feeling. "

Tobi Pearce gives young entrepreneurs these tips

Today Tobi Pearce has almost everything you could wish for: his dream woman, a home, a fancy car and a million dollar company with almost a hundred employees.

We asked him what advice he would give to young people who would also like to start their own business. "My advice is pretty simple," is his answer. “I think people often try to make things unnecessarily complicated. It's important to find something that you are passionate about. Being an entrepreneur is very tough and it takes a lot of persistence to make that a reality. "

Another tip: Make sure that you always develop professionally and personally and don't be afraid of making mistakes. “I think anyone who has ever run a business has made some financial mistakes. I don't think that mistakes are necessarily bad. Some lessons cannot be learned without making mistakes. ”So if something goes wrong, it's not the end of the world - it's more important to keep looking ahead.

“And of course you have to make sure that the customer is at the center of all your professional decisions. Because if your customers are unhappy, you will never be successful. "