What if there are no rules

Rules provide orientation

If you play football, hockey, golf or tennis, for example, there are a lot of rules that you have to observe in order to play fair. Rules in school apply to different areas. For example, the start of the school day, the time during class, during the break and also after class. Rules are important for living together.

But what is the purpose of rules anyway? And why are rules so important? Rules aim to ensure that everything on earth is reasonably controlled and that everyone feels comfortable. In addition, rules serve to ensure that no one is hurt, everyone is treated fairly and that no arguments arise. But why are rules so important? Quite simply, if there were no rules, the whole world would be drowned in chaos, arbitrariness and selfishness because you could do anything you want and everyone would probably only think of themselves in the first place. Life would just be totally insecure and there would be a lot more fear.

Rules are an important part of life. Rules protect children from danger, they provide orientation and support. But sometimes rules are also exhausting. Who does not know it when you come home after school and want to take a short rest before doing your homework. And then a parent comes along and says: "Put away your school bag!", "Hang up your jacket!", "Put your cell phone away!", "Do you still have homework to do?" or something else annoying.

It can be said that there are a lot of hard rules. For example, when adults demand that the room has to be tidied up, or cell phone rules. These are the rules that annoy children the most.

You could decide for yourself how long you are on the cell phone, when you are on the cell phone and when you would rather meet up with friends. So rules can often be annoying and some rules are simply unnecessary. There are a lot of rules in school, for example that you are not allowed to eat chewing gum or that you are not allowed to drink during class.

But then there are also rules that are very important, such as that you are not allowed to kill anyone, that you are not allowed to steal, the rules of road traffic and many other important rules. On the whole, it has to be said that rules are very important and that without rules nothing would work at all. There are just a lot more important rules than unnecessary rules. It has to be said that rules are really good.

Imagine a ship floating aimlessly on the ocean because there is no compass for orientation. We humans also need such a compass for orientation, because without a compass we would be drifting aimlessly on the ocean just like the ship. Except that people are not floating in the ocean, but in life.