What is the remedy for vaginal itching

Home remedies for vaginal thrush: which ones really help?

There is a rather acidic environment in the vagina, which can protect against pathogens and infections. Under certain conditions, however, it can happen that fungi that have got into the vagina can act as pathogens and cause the so-called vaginal fungus.

These are typical symptoms of vaginal thrush:

  • severe itching and burning in the vagina and genital area
  • Reddening of the skin on the vagina and pubic area, sometimes swollen
  • Sometimes small nodules on the skin
  • often whitish-crumbly discharge occurs
  • At times you may experience pain when urinating or having sex

If these or similar symptoms occur, do not be afraid to visit your gynecologist.

Are there any home remedies for vaginal thrush?

Medicines, so-called antimycotics, act quickly and reliably against vaginal thrush. But many women are looking for natural methods to fight vaginal thrush. So it's no wonder that the web is full of supposed home remedies and tips against vaginal thrush.

But are they really effective? We asked a specialist for advice. Dr. med. Konstantin Wagner is a gynecologist and has examined the most popular home remedies for vaginal thrush for us.

In the following, he explains which home remedies can help against vaginal thrush and which tips are pure nonsense.

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Popular home remedy for vaginal thrush: yogurt

A popular home remedy for vaginal thrush: yogurt. It should be applied to the affected skin areas in the genital area and provide relief. The lactic acid bacteria contained in it would help fight the vaginal thrush. In addition, it should have a pleasantly cooling effect.

Dr. Wagner says:
"The argument that dairy products contain lactobacilli, that is, exactly the type of microorganism that is needed for a healthy flora, is obvious, but only partially true. Yoghurt and quark contain lactic acid bacteria, but also other microorganisms, which, in addition to the fungus, also contain cause bacterial colonization ".

Specifically: yogurt can be effective as a home remedy for vaginal thrush, but you should still refrain from using it. Because yogurt can contain germs and bacteria that can lead to a bacterial infection in the vagina.

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Home remedies for vaginal thrush: honey, tea tree oil and coconut oil

According to opinions on the internet, honey, tea tree oil or coconut oil should also be effective home remedies for vaginal thrush. Honey and tea tree oil are said to have an antibacterial effect, coconut oil is said to make the damaged, dry skin supple again.

Our expert on this:
"Said home remedies do little harm, but these home remedies have been proven to be of no help. The hygienic aspect should also be considered here, which is why one cannot advise using these home remedies."

Unfortunately, acute vaginal thrush does not go away with home remedies such as honey, tea tree oil or coconut oil. If the infection is over, however, you can care for your dry, cracked skin with coconut oil. But make sure to use a product without artificial additives.

Home remedies for vaginal thrush: bath with added apple cider vinegar

The natural environment in the vagina is acidic. This makes it difficult for pathogens and fungi to settle. So the thought is obvious that Sitz baths with acidic additives such as apple cider vinegar can help defeat vaginal thrush.

But gynecologist Dr. Wagner has a clear opinion on this: Stay away from vinegar!

"The home remedy apple cider vinegar is definitely not recommended, as vinegar has no place in such a sensitive area. Especially not if there is currently an infection. Apple cider vinegar also prevents the growth of lactobacilli, which are important for restoring the vaginal environment. Vinegar on irritated and applying inflamed skin is therefore definitely not recommended. "

Home remedies for vaginal thrush: chamomile hip baths

The situation is different with the home remedy chamomile. The motto here is: just try it out.

Dr. Wagner:
"Chamomile has been shown to have an anti-inflammatory effect without causing much damage. The heat can have a soothing effect. Unfortunately, chamomile is not the panacea either," said Dr. Wagner.

Chamomile hip baths can provide relief, but this home remedy will probably not definitely help against vaginal thrush either.

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Conclusion: which home remedies for vaginal thrush actually work?

"In principle, any manipulation of diseased vaginal skin, especially the deep introduction of sharp substances such as garlic, vinegar, etc., is absolutely counterproductive," says Dr. Wagner.

According to the gynecologist, only the home remedy chamomile for vaginal thrush is safe to use as a lukewarm hip bath. But chamomile cannot work miracles either.

Can you get around medication with vaginal thrush?

The gynecologist's answer:
"That always depends on the severity of the disease. However, since genital fungus is potentially contagious and can be transmitted through towels, linen, etc., it is advisable to resort to anti-fungal medication."

If you notice the typical symptoms of vaginal thrush for the first time, you should consult your gynecologist early on. Anyone who has struggled with the annoying infection before and has already discussed the treatment with a doctor can get the right medication for vaginal thrush directly from the pharmacy.

How can you prevent vaginal thrush?

To prevent vaginal thrush, Dr. Wagner further important information:
"The aim here is to minimize risk factors. The damp heat build-up in the genital area is one of these. Synthetic clothing and underwear should be avoided if possible.

Cotton underwear is better than panties made of synthetic materials because it is air and moisture permeable. In addition, cotton underwear can usually be washed at higher temperatures. In the case of acute yeast infections in the vagina, this is extremely important in order to kill the fungi.

Danger! These mistakes throw your skin off balance

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Vaginal Fungus: The wrong grooming routine can be to blame

Women should not overdo it when it comes to care and hygiene, as this not only unbalances their skin, but also the sensitive vaginal flora.

Dr. Wagner on this:
"Intimate hygiene is important, but it should not be overdone in order not to disturb the vaginal environment. Here, lukewarm water is a good choice. PH-neutral soap can, but does not have to be used."

In addition, women should always speak openly with their partner about possible infections and their contagion. "And, ultimately, very important: if the partner has a genital fungus, it is essential to pay attention to domestic hygiene in order to prevent a" ping-pong "effect," says Dr. Wagner.

Who can find out more about Dr. Wagner wants to find out, can watch his YouTube channel 'Richtig Pregnant', where the gynecologist gives answers to many questions about pregnancy and women's health.

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