Can HAARP control our weather

Haarp - The atmosphere heater

Whether earthquakes, floods, severe storms, volcanic eruptions, microwave torture or mind control. The application possibilities for the all-rounder HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) seem limitless.

Gakona, Southeast Alaska. Just a few miles north of the tiny settlement, 180 huge, spider-spider-like antennae soar into the sky of an almost untouched nature. But the small research facility, which settled in the sparsely populated idyll at the beginning of the 1990s, is home to the ultimate weather control machine, according to conspiracy theorists: the HAARP atmosphere heater.
In fact, until recently, radio waves were used to study the upper atmosphere. The aim was to gain new knowledge in the areas of radio wave propagation, navigation and influencing the electric jet in the earth's magnetosphere. Conspiracy theorists claim, however, that the system has not been used since June 2014, as officially announced, but is rather a diabolical power tool of the secret world government NWO (New World Order).
Whether nice weather for a soccer tournament or severe storms in summer - the supposed elites are supposed to manipulate our weather as it suits them by means of HAARP and chemtrails. It is often claimed that the particles released by means of chemtrails are first “brought into the right vibration” by HAARP in order to increase their destructive effect on the population and the environment. The conspiracy theorists call it the “weather war” and claim that HAARP would be used for far more than just influencing the weather.
Mind control and the targeted triggering of diseases such as cancer are also said to be the responsibility of HAARP. So-called ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) fields, i.e. electromagnetic fields or waves in the low frequency range, are supposed to be used by the elites for mind control. After all, a sick and depressed population is easier to control.
The accident in Fukushima is also attributed to HAARP. The NWO used scalar waves sent by HAARP to cause a seaquake to trigger the tsunami that hit the Japanese coast in March 2011.
There are now said to be several HAARP systems across Europe, e.g. on the north German coast in Marlow near Rostock. It is not known whether there are any facilities in Austria. However, mein reported in an article dated August 1st, 2011 about strange clouds and a possible HAARP mission over Linz.
So if fist-sized hailstones fly around your ears at the FM4 Frequency Festival, it was certainly not the weather gods, but the NWO with their microwave toys.
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