Can birds learn tricks

Teaching budgies to speak - this is how it works!

Many budgie owners want their feathered friend like to teach speaking. Although budgies are among the most linguistically gifted birds, one can do not predictwhether your bird will actually talk to you. However, if you ensure that your workout is well thought out and effective, the chances are good. We'll show you how your budgie learns to talk to you!

Basic rules for speaking exercises with a budgie

Only if you are a good teacher can your budgie actually learn to speak. Best to wear it Every day the words that he should learn. Note that your budgie will not be able to easily mimic all sounds. Vowels such as A, E, O and U are particularly easy for your bird - it will learn them quickly. Sibilants, on the other hand, are a particular challenge for him.

Also the time The following is crucial for training: budgies are most active in the morning and early evening. You can recognize a concentrated budgie by its dilated pupils: if it also focuses on your lips, you have full attention and can start training.

So that the budgie can concentrate fully on you, you should only practice with one bird at a time. In addition, it is much easier to practice with a budgie that listens to its name. A good and close relationship with your budgie is also a basic requirement for language training.

Only one-to-one training makes sense. © / joserpizarro

First words for the budgie

Once you've got your budgie's attention, it's best to start with single words. When you speak, keep your face near the budgie and be sure to talk slowly, stressed and clear. Start with simple words like "chair" or "sofa". Of course, it can also be short names of other people or pets, such as "Mona" or "Koko".

Repetition is important! The more often your budgie hears a word, the better it can remember it. That is also helpful shortcut of sounds with certain events: If you always greet your budgie with a friendly "hello" and say goodbye with "goodbye", it can relate these terms to your return or farewell.

Regular repetition brings success. © / nata777_7

Advanced speech training for the budgie

If your budgie has already learned the first few words, you can also use short sentences such as "Good bird" or "Are you having fun?" use. Here, too, it is important to repeat the sentences several times, clearly and emphatically to repeat.

Your budgie is also capable of the context to recognize between the said words and a certain action. If you always comment on feeding with “Are you hungry?”, Your budgie will associate this with fresh food.

Comment on certain behavior of your bird. © / Conny Hagen

Keep motivating the budgie

Over time, your budgie will surely begin to talk on its own. At first it might be nothing more than an incomprehensible murmur - but you should definitely listen to it reply! Whether you understand it or not, an answer from you will encourage the budgie to improve its speaking skills. In addition, you must always remember to reward your budgie regularly - for example with pats. So he has fun learning!

When you know what he was trying to tell you, repeat it again clearly and clearly for him so that he can improve. Make sure you give your budgie yours as a present patience - The bird must not be stressed by the training.

Reward your budgie regularly. © / HYP LLC

7 tips for teaching the budgie language lessons

1. Timing for the workout

Budgies are mostly In the morning and on early evening particularly communicative: These times of the day are ideal for exercises. But be careful: The ideal duration of a training session is a maximum of 10-15 minutes. Don't overwhelm your budgie!

2. Create calm

Background noise not only distracts your budgie, but can also prevent your bird from understanding you properly. Radio, television and the like must therefore be used during training switched off be.

3. With joy to success

If you enjoy the exercises yourself, your budgie will also enjoy learning new words. Therefore, you should only practice with him when you are in a good mood and motivated to use the words with him happy voice to be able to preach.

4. Young budgies learn better

Young budgies are faster and more successful students. Learning to speak is particularly easy for them if they have already spent a lot of time with people and thus with human sounds familiar are.

6. Male budgies speak better

Female budgies have less loud available as your male conspecifics. During the mating season, the males have to impress the females with particularly unusual tones. Nevertheless, female budgies can also learn to speak.

7. If it doesn't work

Don't be disappointed if your budgie doesn't turn out to be a great speaker - it has nothing to do with intelligence. It's probably simply because your budgie no interest has to learn to speak. He certainly has other talents that are just as impressive.