Why is it great to be young

Getting older - don't panic

The good news: We are getting old differently and better than previous generations. Our life expectancy is higher than ever and the range between 60 and 80 is a qualitatively completely new phase of life. You are as old as you feel - the truth of this saying can even be scientifically proven. Everything about the new age psychology.

Why are we getting older?

People aged 50 and over used to belong to the "old iron". That has changed a lot in the last few decades. A healthier lifestyle, a balanced diet and better medical care - many factors are responsible for the fact that we age differently than our parents and grandparents did. It is not for nothing that the over 50s generation is called “Best Agers”. Because the best years are actually still ahead of us, when the children are out of the house, the pension is in sight and the time has finally come for self-fulfillment.

Leisure activities, traveling, having fun in life - that is what characterizes those around the age of 60 today. Compared to before, the intellectual capacity declines less quickly, social contacts are more important, the state of health improves and the subjective feeling of still being young and fit in the middle of life increases.

Confront aging in a positive way

This is also confirmed by the results of the latest studies in geriatric psychology. The more positive a person is about getting older, the younger they feel. On the other hand, those who are anxious about aging also feel older compared to other people of the same age. Aging cannot be stopped because that is the course of life. So why not just accept aging and make the most of it?

There are many good reasons why growing old is great:

1. We change the older we get.

If you are just 50 years old and thinking about how old and frail you will be at 60, you may be in for a surprise in the years to come. Because suddenly you are 60 and you still feel just as active as before, you may even be more relaxed about old age and have gained life experience. Other things are now more important to you than before, you can deal with stress better and enjoy your life more instead of rushing from one appointment to the next.

2. You have more time for things that make you happy.

Because life only begins after you retire. The children are out of the house and you can finally travel or pursue your hobbies. Perhaps you would like to learn a new foreign language or a musical instrument or finally put your creativity into action? It's never too late to make dreams come true.

3. The more positively you approach aging, the more comfortable you feel.

According to a study from 2017, life satisfaction and quality of life determine subjective well-being. On the other hand, those who bury themselves in fears will also feel physically less agile.

4. The performance does not decrease, it just changes.

It has not been clearly proven that older people are no longer productive. Certain areas of memory and motor skills decline, but completely new skills emerge. For example, the ability to absorb new information is reduced; life experience can be used for this in many situations. Movement sequences or tasks may also be carried out more slowly, but more precisely and reliably.

Growing older well prepared

The great thing about getting older is that you can actively prepare for it and thereby slow down the aging process:

  • Train the memory: The brain wants to be challenged, even in old age! Because if it is not stimulated regularly, it breaks down - like a muscle that is no longer used. Crossword puzzles, reading books, memorizing shopping lists, learning languages, coordination exercises - all of this keeps the brain fit into old age.
  • Move regularly: A daily walk will keep the body active, as will cycling, swimming, or any other sport that is fun. Because exercise is not only good for the circulation and immune system, it also keeps the bones stable and strengthens the muscles. Regular body therapy can also help you stay painless and flexible.
  • Healthy eating: The foods you eat every day have a major impact on how you age. Healthy foods with many vitamins, minerals and trace elements such as fresh vegetables and fruits are the absolute basis because they bind free radicals that accelerate aging. The older you get, the smaller your portions should be. Because compared to a 25-year-old, people aged 65 need about 330 kilocalories less. You should also drink at least two liters of water or tea a day to keep the brain efficient.
  • Maintain social contacts: It has been proven that people who maintain social contacts in old age get older. Because dealing with other people is fun, dispels cloudy thoughts, trains the brain and strengthens the psychological well-being. In a group with like-minded people, activities are especially fun and promote zest for life. But contact with younger people also keeps you mentally fit.
  • Use the healing power of nature: Nature has some wonderful medicinal plants ready that support the body in the aging process without any side effects. For example, sage helps with menopausal symptoms, St. John's wort with sleep problems and hawthorn with cardiovascular problems.
  • Treat yourself to relaxation: Stress causes faster aging, and we all want to prevent that. Therefore, well-being and relaxation units are important to rest the body from everyday tasks. Anyone who is constantly rushing through life under stress will at some point feel drained and tired - that doesn't even have to do with age. Therefore, you should regularly treat yourself to a break with a pampering program in order to keep your body and mind fit for a long time. For example, yoga and meditation work on both like a rejuvenation cure.

In a nutshell: Enjoy the serenity of old age, do things that you've always wanted to do, meet friends and move around in the fresh air - then nothing stands in the way of happy aging.