The first pharmaceutical manufacturing facility was commissioned in Aeroton. Women’s Healthcare is proud to provide quality treatment options to meet the needs of South African women through specific stages of their journey through life. Trivenz, which is Adcock Ingram’s once daily, single tablet regimen for the treatment of HIV, is currently the Company’s leading prescription brand, providing treatment to approximately 70, people in the private sector. Adcock Ingram is a committed supplier of antiretroviral ARV medicines to the public sector through the highly competitive tender system. The division competes primarily in the following therapeutic categories:

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Despite difficult economic conditions, core brands like Corenza, Solphyllex and Alcophyllex contributed to sustained growth in this mature and highly competitive category. News Room Media Contacts. Through its strategic alliance with Pharma-Q, AICC has a solid market leadership position in SVP’s injectable pharmaceuticals across multiple therapeutic acock including anti-infectives, oncology, anti-emetics, respiratory, analgesia and hypnotics.

Trivenz, which is Adcock Ingram’s once daily, single tablet regimen for the treatment of HIV, is currently the Company’s leading prescription brand, providing treatment to approximately 70, people in the private sector. The expanded Dermatology portfolio now offers healthcare professionals a broader armamentarium in treating dermatological conditions, and has successfully positioned Adcock Ownfr as the 2nd largest prescription dermatology franchise in the country, including well-known adckck such as Fucidin, Roaccutane, Dovobet, Protopic and SBR Lipocream.

Speaking at the launch, Meshack Matswi, one of the first-phase and now established owner drivers, talked about his experiences and the value of being a director.

The hormone therapy portfolio which includes Adcock Ingram’s as well as partner brands is the leader in its class as measured in IQVIA. The owner drivers are directors of their enterprises and owners of the vehicles, while usually employing two or three assistants in each business.


Gut Health ProbiFlora has a range of clinically proven probiotic strains formulated to normalise bowel flora and general intestinal health. Of note is the major share of the critical care market held by the company, being the largest supplier of critical care products to the public sector and hospitals. Women’s Health recognises and celebrates the uniqueness of women.

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Women’s Health Women’s Health recognises and celebrates the uniqueness of women. The portfolio includes treatments related to menopause, vaginal dryness, urinary tract infections UTIs and osteoporosis. In Tiger Brands then the majority shareholder acquired the minority shares, adclck Adcock Ingram was ownre from the JSE and operated as a whollyowned subsidiary of Tiger Brands.

Pain The OTC division is the market leader in the pain category in pharmacy, with its top ranked brand Adco-Dol continuing to outperform the market. Products are offered through multiple portfolios and across wide-ranging customer channels.

This diverse portfolio consists of brands which treat both acute and chronic diseases and are predominantly found within the prescription medication space.

The acquisition will be effective April Acquired Cosme Farme Ltd in India.

Adcock Ingram has recently undertaken a capital expansion project costing R1. The Company manufactures, markets and distributes a wide range of healthcare products.

The Critical Care facility situated at Aeroton produces intravenous fluids, blood bags, renal dialysis products and large and small-volume parenterals. Iconic brands such as Panado and Compral have given the Company a leadership position in the analgesic market. The energy category in both pharmacy and FMCG is under pressure given the discretionary nature of the category.

The brand’s growth has been driven by extensive marketing campaigns on television and social media, focussing on awareness, education on general feminine health, as well as the new innovation of Gyna Guard Vaginal Capsules. Island Tribe will continue to grow off a small base with the imminent launch of an exciting Kids range. Broad Based BEE transaction announced.

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In a significant move to expand the distribution offering, Adcock Ingram has acquired Virtual Logistics Pty Ltd, a national and cross border fine distribution company. In its efforts to maintain its leadership position, AICC continues to expand into newer novel portfolios which include growth in opioid substitution therapy, oral and injectable analgesia, additional injectable pharmaceuticals, immunosuppressants, hand and surface disinfectants and kinesiology tapes.

Our well established ability to offer a contract service to potential customers, will be enhanced by this deal.

Two in every five packs, S1and S2 products, sold in the private sector, is an Adcock Ingram product. Panado continues to be supported with extensive marketing campaigns that defend the brand’s equity and heritage. Generics The Generics portfolio contributes approximately one-third towards the division’s revenue and consists of products which span the major therapeutic areas such as CNS, cardiovascular and pain.

On 25 AugustAdcock Ingram was unbundled from Tiger Brands and relisted on the JSE Take a journey with us and explore our rich history to see how we’ve continually evolved to keep up with the expectations and needs of all our stakeholders.

The Pain portfolio is the market leader in prescription pain management, and includes a comprehensive portfolio of brands that offer healthcare professionals and patients effective pain solutions covering:. In the coming year this division will expand its chronic pain offering by introducing two innovative, long-acting transdermal patches for the treatment of neuropathic pain.