If you are going to purchase any clubs, get them custom fit, which includes shaft choice, for YOU. As with all club fittings, we suggest you see an authorized Titleist fitter , who will use the SFT technology and the performance grid to determine the best settings for your game. Posted by Padraig Dooley at I have been through 6 drivers. I changed to a high draw c-3 and ended up hitting the ball yards longer around yards. We recorded the results on a Trackman Launch Monitor.

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Titleist 910 Driver Review

Save you money and use the saving to play more games. Am i reading the guide correctly. As with all club fittings, we suggest you see an authorized Titleist fitterwho will use the SFT technology and the axjust grid to determine the best settings for your game. Thank you for your help! The Titleist series of drivers, consisting of the D2 and D3 models, replaces the ‘s which we thought was one of the best woods Titleist had made to date.

The settings run from A1 to D4 with the above chart explaining what each setting does. Hate to say this, oldie but a Goodie!!! Over the summer perhaps the loft could be raised? Sometimes we think our testers buy into the extreme fringes of some of the marketing that is out there.


There are 16 combinations which each create a unique loft and lie combination as shown in the charts on the right. I have never been a real Titleist fan until the The grid is intuitive so if you want your shots to go higher and to the left then you move up one and left on the grid to get your new settings. The Titleist D2 driver has a cast titanium titleiat that features a forged titanium face insert that has a thicker central portion equidistant from all points around the face perimeter.

It would be nice to easily see them.

Titleist Drivers, Fairway Metals and Hybrids: Total Performance. Precision Fit. – Team Titleist

Leon Reihana 6 years ago. While in most categories, proves to be the average, Likelihood of Purchase seems to consistently return results in the low 70s. Peter Brown 8 years ago. It would be interesting to pair this driver against the Adams LS. Some talked about the traditional shape. Lorin L Chesterfield, MO.

It is important to note that the face angle does changes 1 degree for every 0. Hi, I am new to the site and have a question.

August 02, at April 28, at Still using my D2 after over 6 years and I love it. No club is going to produce dead titleiet shots for every swing.

Insert the tip of the SureFit Wrench into the screw located in the weight. Keep the hosel connection area clean from dirt and debris at all times. I’ve used the C3 combination on my F’s and is spot-on. The D3 Driver has a lower profile, a thinner crown and a deeper centre of gravity thanks to a bezel weight in the sole that be adjusted too.


910 D2- Loft adjustment

adjkst The SureFit Tour hosel is a new form of adjustable hosel that for the first time allows the loft of the club and the lie angle of the shaft to be adjusted independently of each other. All testing was done with the head in the standard position 9.

I play a D2 and had it in A3 last season but have now moved it to A2 titpeist get the ball flight and spin down. The Titleist Pro V1 golf ball was used and tee height was kept constant for each shot. Then came the series, and for many the release, particularly the D1 which marked Titleist first real attempt at a more forgiving driver, was a disappointment.

As with distance, perceived accuracy ratings were more or less in line with the actual data we collected. The lie can be changed using four positions over a range of 2.