This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. So to get this to work, i have: I thought I had a defective unit until reading other posts online. Edit Actions to change to these screens as needed. Having it built into the case means you need line-of-sight to the case. And I got to thinking what does it really display and does anyone acutally use it for anything usefull? Phew a bit of word salad – hopefully you follow:

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All of the preinstalled fans are adjustable with settings of low, medium, and high speed.

Confused about Antec Fusion case versions and VFD/LCD | AVForums

VoodooExOctober 5, All of them come with a nice aluminum front bezel that helps create a high quality appearance.

After starting MediaPortal, the display is working correctly and looks like this: But the LCD panel is not worth it. Ive managed to sort this out. Just to update this thread I ended fudion getting a Silverstone GD05 case.

Display of Antec Fusion V2 blurs after some hours

When the VFD is working like after a fresh reboot then it works fine. Do you already have an account?


I dont need anything else anyway. Phew a bit of word salad – hopefully you follow: In this case – “Title”Functions of Front. The Antec Fusion seems a good case, I like the looks, it cools well, seems pretty quiet from reviews.

The LCD doesn’t support 3. I don’t know if Xisplay would buy this case again. In S1 mode the leds blink. August 24, 2.

How do you get the imon out? All times are GMT. Returns Overview of the show or Artist.

Upgrade Antec Fusion LCD

Contrast is way too high too be legible and its so bright it lights the room! Well I guess I’ll be the first to embark on this quest then! To fix the display i used hot glue, very straight forward and not a lot needed to secure it. When I did it never was any good or accurate with what was going on.

Do you already have an account? It also accepts micro-ATX which fits my reqs.

Antec Fusion Micro VFD no Display/Power – AVS Forum | Home Theater Discussions And Reviews

zntec Or maybe it is the opposite, it get power from PSU perhaps the display should have power when in standby state but there are no power coming from USB device.


Actions – can edit the file manually and functions correctly.

I think I’ll have to order one and see what happens. I did get it working using lcd studio and it has been flawless for the past year. And I got to thinking what does it really display vff does anyone acutally use it for anything usefull? The news headlines are hard to read and more a distraction than a help. Then again, the model without VFD and volume knob looks to boring in my opinion.

OS devices when used with Palm. Care to support our work with a few bucks? Mainly what I use it for is to enable the graphic equalizer, which displays the “bouncing bands” for most system sounds, including video, though it doesn’t work on anything bitstreamed, since the system never fussion “sees” the sounds.