Post 1 of The Q-DAC is a well-equipped player, and if your musical tastes run to jazz and folk, and some pop, it can be pretty impressive in the right system. Oct 30, at But the lack of a remote was something I fretted over from the start. I also asked them whether it would be out as said in forum end of this year but apparently it will be released next year. Tonally, things are relatively neutral, but perhaps more importantly the balance between the bass, midrange and treble is nicely judged, with no one part of the frequency spectrum gaining undue prominence.

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For the price it’s astonishing and more listenable than my Naim CD5x. Place the Q-DAC within a more modest system, and it shines better. At the end I have decided to wait for yulong d to be released at usd which even supports dsd.

Oct 26, at 7: Less is often better, for me at least. The simplest way for me to describe it is that it has improved everything the HE’s can do from the my other sources.


Three digital inputs are provided — coaxial, optical and USB. Post 3 of Do you already have an account? Yes, my password is: Where did you source that info from? Aug 20, at 9: Hi ReiserFS, Some from this forum and other in q-dax china forum linked.

Your username or email address: Dec 18, at 6: The power socket is fed by an outboard supply unit. Could you audiolav on the sound signature of the Q-DAC?

Play a spot of Adele’s Rolling in The Deep and Audiolab’s impartial, innocuous tone is clearly there. The price was something i assumed as I was in contact with Tam Audio asking why the price of d mk2 increased when I was about to get adiolab luckily I did nothe mentioned that they increased the price i am talking about their ebay shop to anticipate future pricing of the replacement. There are also 12V trigger sockets.

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Post 12 of Audiolab should be applauded for keeping the Q-DAC as useful an audio tool as its pricier sibling. At the end of the panel are the headphone output and power switch.

Once given time to warm up thoroughly, the Q-DAC turns in a good performance. While the Q-DAC can drive a power amp or a pair of active speakers directly with its variable output 2. Oct 30, at 1: I haven’t even tried the headphone socket yet.


No, create an account now. This little box is well suited to both roles. However, there is no convenience of remote operation, unlike the M-DAC and the others.

Audiolab Q-DAC – tweaker’s delight

The main differences are the q-dc of the balanced XLR outputs and the halving of the optical and coax inputs. Thank you for understanding. I trusted the advice given from the owner of Headphonic that they sound almost identical.

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Around the rear are a pair of analogue and two digital outputs coaxial and optical. Talk about trickling it down.