The following tables describe all parameters that can be used in a connection string. Check the following points if you have any problems:. Turn on connection pooling. If you are using an ADO. It is hard to tell without having access to your query.

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It is hard to tell without having access to your query.

And that was added to the view definition, however that is not the change that introduced the issue. Message 10 of 13 3, Views.

Integrations with Files and Services: Thank you, adding escape quotes did not work unfortunately. I updated the ODBC driver x64 but that did not work.

AACC Cache Database access – Avaya Support Forums

Set Pooling to false to create a connection with no connection pooling. Message 4 of 13 2, Views. Total number of in-use connections in all pools. Recycles connections in the pool associated with connection object conn. Specifies the namespace to connect to. Find all posts by sfitzg. All times are GMT No other use is permitted.


Sets an upper limit to the number of SQL commands that will be held in the preparse cache before recycling is applied.

Home Contacts How To Buy. Thank you Hugoberry, this makes perfect sense to me however I do not see anywhere in the Query editor where I can change this select query?? Details Custom reports will not retrieve data for the “time” field.

Avaya Aura Contact Center Integration Overview

If you want a sample program to default to a different username and password, you will need to change the sample code. Message 6 of 13 2, Views. NET Managed Provider classes, or both. This example defines the CacheConnection object as a global that can be used anywhere in the program.

Solution Multiple workarounds within excel are available. Excel fails to quote reserved words, and that is a requirement of the ODBC standard. Removes all connections in the connection pools and clears the pools. Message 5 of 13 2, Views. I just changed it to a simple SQL query. Clears the connection pool associated with connection conn.


Sets the TCP receive buffer size. Thanks for your help. This document is a little vague or inaccurate in this regard and I would appreciate any help in interpretting what is actually required. Avaya Support Forums – Archive – Top. The connection object can be opened and closed as necessary. I am able to see the tables however when I select one of the tables to actually view the data, I am getting the following error.

Sets the TCP send oodbc size. CachePoolManager class can be used to monitor and control connection pooling programmatically. ODBC has always required reserved word Time to be enclosed in double quotes.