Can you please please just post the drivers in unzipped form? Hello, I am having the same problem. This is weird but I guess clearing the information of all past USB devices should resolve the issue for anyone. Please contact us via the Contact Us page http: Besides, this device is awesome.

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OK, the problem is not the driver.

Already have an account? What are you using to unzip the file? The board itself could be faulty but then it worked so who knows?

In the folder “xpvista7” you’ ll find the “lowcdc. It is partially signed which means windows still produces a warning during installation, but that warning does not prevent installation of the driver. Type path from lowcdc. Whenever I download the file it seems to unzip fine. Choose “Sign a System File” again and sign lowcdc.

At qvr-doper glance, everything works fine, when i install the driver manually, but AVR – Studio isn’t able to find the programmer with WinXP there is no problem, so the programmer must be ok. I also cannot install the new driver, and keep getting unkown device in the usb controller devices, despite updating the drivers in my win7 64bit professionel computer.


I get it with some help from Osamu Tamura. Everytime I try to download the new driver for windows 7 I get an empty avvr-doper file folder that appears to be empty.


Your shopping bag is empty. What can x664 the reason for this behavior? Board index All times are UTC. I am on Windows 7 64 bit. I am running Windows XP.

Thanks Best regards Michael. I also use bascom-avr for programming Atmel chips.

Then i must plug it in again, can it use once and then the same error. Just correct the Link internally or post multiple links. I can download the driver file OK kb in sizebut neither winzip or winrar will unzip it…. You download the software Easy Driver Pack for Win8 x64 at download here Chinese versionafter downloading, run the.

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I am using windows 7 x Should I use a hub? Breadboards are great and so are protoboards that are based on breadboard layouts. A lot of people are having trouble with the zip file. I have tried the drivers from your zip and also the drivers from fischl. My theory now is that there is some sort of compatibility problem with the zip file.


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The latest versions of java wont work on XP. Installation for Windows 7 64Bit: I did everything You wrote, but I can not install the driver. Choose “Enable Test Mode” But you have to press f8 on avr-eoper boot up I am running Windows 7 x