Gogo’s disturbed mind and vicious penchant for killing is displayed when she offers herself to a drunken man in a bar and then disembowels him, asking him, “Do you still wish to penetrate me? A finer example is also shown how she poisoned Pai Mei as revenge for taking her eye, rather than face him an actual fight. Encyclopedic article on Kill Bill: Quentin Tarantino has commented that any potential Kill Bill sequel will focus on her revenge against The Bride. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here:

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So, too, does an actual California Mountain Snake have no qualms with feasting on other serpents. But then again, so does she.

Kill Bill: Volume 2 – Wikiquote

The next morning Pai Mei appeared at the Shaolin Temple and demanded of the Temple’s head abbot that he offer Pai Mei his neck to repay the insult. She remembers that Sofie was present during the El Paso massacre, and while she did not assist in beating The Bride, she did answer her ringing phone, while callously ignoring the injured Bride and the rest of the carnage, The Bride captures Sofie at the House of Blue Leaves and brings her to O-Ren Ishii, The Bride then cuts off Sofie’s left arm the arm she holds her phone with as a means of both exacting revenge on her and showing Ishii her intentions for a duel.

Elle geatrix and showed up at Budd’s trailer the next day. She perhaps serves as a contrast to Beatrix; during Kiddo’s training under Pai Mei, beatrkx was disciplined and knew her place well, whereas Elle was disrespectful and arrogant. Gogo yanks it tight to keep her from escaping, and slowly pulls up the slack in order to choke her enemy to death.

Vernita may be retired and she may not be driven by revenge like the Bride, but she does have a family to live for, so she fights back ferociously.


At this point, Elle elaborated on her feeling of regret, telling Budd she regretted that the “greatest warrior [she] had ever met” died at the hands of a “bush-whackin’, scrub, alkie piece of shit” like him. She then sends her rolling down a hill ellf a hospital for medical attention so she can live on lele tell Bill what has happened and that The Bride is still alive.

The Bride barely dodges her initial lunges and deflects more by seizing a frying pan. Unlike Beatrix, who was quite humble, Elle was the opposite, being a brash and insolent pupil. But before The Bride battles and defeats her, she must first confront and bring down her associates one by one.

6 Reasons We Need ‘Kill Bill: Vol. 3’ To Happen – MTV

Though once a member of the Deadly Vipers, she eventually became the head of the Tokyo Yakuzawith Bill’s help, and possessed her own bodyguard army, the Crazy The two throw each other through glass and into walls. She headed to the hospital where Beatrix was housed and dressed up as a nurse. The ending credits have a question mark over her name. As he dies in agony minutes later, Elle tells Budd that she feels regret because she never had a chance to take The Bride on herself and that she had to die at the hands of a “bushwackin’ scrub” like him.

Hanzo writes in the dew of a window pane that one of the “vermin” The Bride wanted to kill was Hanzo’s former student Bill.

An argument ensues over the fact that “there is nobody there to e,le. With both combatants solidly armed, the two slowly move back to the living room bestrix a tense stand-off, tentatively searching for an opening in the knowledge that one wrong move will bring death.

The swordmaster agreed to allow The Bride to stay in his home while he made the sword, and advised her to practice her fighting skills while she waited for the sword’s completion.


Elle Driver

B uses a TV antenna as weapon and later hits Beztrix in the head with a lampshade. Later, Sofie Fatale is captured by The Bride and taken to the main hall of the restaurant, where The Bride calls O-Ren, who appears with her beqtrix, The Bride reveals herself to O-Ren, cutting off Sofie’s arm, horrifying the other guests who flee the restaurant, The Bride kills countless Crazy 88s and Gogo, finally meeting O-Ren in a garden scene atop the club.

ClubBetarix said that “Vol. Sofie Fatale Julie Dryfus lost an arm at the hands of The Bride, so she might have a little revenge on the brain herself — even though Beatrix ultimately did spare her life, if only for the selfish cause of delivering a death-is-coming message to those Vipers.

This article consists almost entirely of a plot summary.

The gang are dressed in black and white like the piano keys. But he scraped together enough self-preservation to ambush the Bride, finally leaving her trapped in a coffin, buried alive.

Retrieved from ” http: He almost fires Budd but reduces the number of hour Budd will kiddoo permitted to work and tells him to come back when he calls him. And what she does is get revenge, at any cost.

She narrowly misses hitting The Bride with shotgun fire. Four years after the massacre, she is depicted living a normal life under the alias of Jeannie Bell. After a brutal exchange of hand-to-hand combat, the archrivals engaged in a swordfight, each of them armed with a Hanzo katana.

An anime flashback showed her father in a U. From there it just goes nuts.