I’m just not parting with my driver – no less accurate and definitely longer. According to Trackman, the leading launch monitor used by PGA Professionals, the optimal launch angle for a driver is about 12 degrees. They are a powerful club and straight. My 3 wood is 43 inches and obviously has a smaller sweet spot but I have no problem hitting it. PING offers shafts anywhere from g, which will fit anyone.

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Because the driver is such a long club, the clubhead speed at impact is much higher than other clubs. Providing the other flavor in the Titleist Club offering is the D3.

Drivers are too big

Sign in Already have an account? December 07, at The relationship between clubhead speed and ball speed is called the Smash Factor — one of my favorite golf physics terms. We’d love to have you!

This, paired with the deep center of gravity, leads to a straighter ball off the tee. Best driver I have ever had, I 460cf aim down the left side and pound it. Check Price on Ping. They just look cool. Instead, they categorize all their shafts based on the desired launch angle; low, low-mid, mid, mid-high, and high.

The F8 is designed in such a way that it reduces drag, which increases swing speed, and adds more yards to your drives.


This is in contrast to iron swings where you should make contact with the ball just as the club descends into the ground. I’m with TM doing the mini-driver and would like to see Titleist make something similar.

Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie. Fade Conversely, an outside-to-in swing path will create a fade curves to the right for righty golfers.

Best Noncc Driver options – Equipment – GolfWRX

About Non Conforming Driver Shop the large inventory of golf equipment, including golf clubs! Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free. Original Diamana 63g Graphite, Stiff Flex.

Before you spend time and money on a new driver, you need to know where your game stands right now.

Best Golf Driver | We Reviewed the Top Rated Drivers to BOMB it in

Edited by TitleistBaller, 14 June – Not the most expensive or flashiest. The Cobra MAX is a driver with some really great features, and considering its still on Cobras website, you can get it 460cf to fit your game a bit easier.

bsst I hit one at a store where my buddy was doing a demo day. Edited by bobcat, 12 June – While your clubhead speed at impact may be around mph, the ball speed is much higher if you make proper contact with the sweet spot.

Best Golf Driver | We Reviewed the Top Rated Drivers to BOMB it in 2018

Where on the clubface do you usually hit the ball? PING offers shafts anywhere from g, which will fit anyone. PM has used from 0 to 2 drivers in the bag.


Various weight and plugs ranging from 1 to 20 grams can be positioned on the sole of the driver, and altered to fit your nob.

In the case of the M1, the extra mass was shifted to the sole of the club which reduces the center of gravity The carbon composite crown is extremely light which allows a lower CoG The bottom of the club has the notable T-track weighting system which gives you the ability to change the center of gravity of the entire clubhead.

Dino J Burnaby, BC. The ball speed after impact pushes the ball out to the fairway while the other factors determine the curvature of the ball flight.

A lower rotational inertia makes clubs more forgiving when you miss the sweet spot. Callaway also offers a nice variety of shafts to go along with their Rogue driver. I have an old Alpha cc that is still my go to driver.