Register a Canon product or view service info. A few scanners are now beginning to appear with 14 bits per channel of digitization accuracy. Image tones before adjustment look slightly nicer. The Color Matching option of the Settings menu automatically corrects any color differences between the scanner and the monitor in use. Perhaps the Canon shutter window is fractionally larger? Also, the seller sold it in a pristine condition with every item packed as new. This page requires Javascript.

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CanoScan 9000F vs. CanoScan FS 4000US

You might also need That may account for the amazing results I’ve seen on big enlargements from my son’s 3. And the new quality dpi flatbed scanners generally are also more expensive than this Canoscan while apparently generally producing lower-quality results for 35mm film. Above are a set of cropped scans of a high resolution “chrome on glass” copy of the USAF resolution test pattern.

View All Business Services. See details for description of any imperfections. So I’d guess your scanner is defective. Other Products Other Products.

A portion of the image magnified 3 danoscan. The times are from clicking on the “go” button to the end of the operation and so take into account time taken to move the slide carrier to the correct location slide 3 in these tests plus any other setup time as well as the actual scan and data processing and transfer time.


Of course, there’s still no free lunch: It has less grain than negative film, but also less exposure range. For the very best possible results, scan at bit color depth, don’t do any corrections with the supplied “FilmGet” software, output a bit file and edit that in a bit editing program.

VueScan allows you to turn sharpening on or off. I may wait for a new version for Windows, perhaps 1. While some other manufacturers have called particular attention to their scanning optics, Canon hasn’t made that big a deal of that aspect of the FSUS’ design in either their marketing or product packaging.

The appearance of scans should be ffs consistent with slides than with negatives. Top notch service with a smile! I haven’t tried it yet, but I may soon. And I choose well exposed slides with easily scanned shadows. A variety of measurement units are available, including pixels, inches, centimeters, and millimeters. Arcsoft’s PhotoBase image database program is also provided for both platforms.

I have no reason to question that 400u0s on my scans. This allows you to examine and adjust the tonal distribution for each of the individual channels, as well as for all three together.

I’ve adjusted the image to that the darkest tone has a pixel value of zero and the contrast in the darkest region is very high. JDM, Thanks for doing this test. Your page has therefore been instrumental in putting us in touch with one another – thank you so much for putting my message on your page. So far this is just a preliminary look, written at a busy time for me. These canosacn are a portion of the “Bar du Fort Rabot” image above, taken in on Kodachrome It wasn’t quite up to the best of the field in fe respect though, as it showed more shadow noise than the best professional 35mm scanners we’ve tested.


It seems to do a fine job with those, and the holder can hold up to 6 frames of 35mm negatives 4000uss once. For me, the end result is what’s important, and maybe I have low expectations, but I seem to get great prints 8.

Digital Film Scanners – Canon FS Scanner Review, Information, and Specifications

Not so the CanoScan. He hadn’t noticed it until his attention was drawn to it by my message posted on your web page.

I saw it, but I was looking for other things. But I am not in rush, min I do not care, as long as quality is good and it’s!. I don’t print walls.