I did tried on Windows 7 RC1, after a clean install because some program fucked my registery I tried it without the compatibility mode. Today i stumbled upon a solution on a Dutch tech-site. Zombies Games Plants vs. In no time at all the services were changed back to the Service account and PB B was removed from my services. I just tried this on Battlefield still getting the same error within 5 minutes of play…. I hope this works for some of you out there.

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Discover the magic of the Internet. My statement stands that if I as the System Admin make a change to a service startup no other application has any right in changing that service. I found this powershell script to keep the value at Idsallowed have Windows 7 64bit and I played CoD5 many weeks without any prob.

Maybe this will help somebody at least. I do not think your going ot get anywhere working with the services or trying various Admin levels for fixing the API error. After having spoken to several people then it appears that the bit option is the way to go in order to get past the PB kicks — most successes has come from the bit than the bit. Sorry for my english russian. Make sure UAC is turned off before doing this!


This is totally in breach of privacy regs and does come under the moniker of virus. I use BelArc to take a snapshot of my system so I can keep track if anything changes.

Kralik, above prigram/driver have the answer to your questions…. Does the newest windows 7 release fix it then? LaFayette City Pool offers programs including swim lessons, lap swimming. Deimiso — Tried your fix and no go. Now go to Services and scroll down untill you find PnkBstrB, double click on it and disable it and stopp it, play cod4mp i normal mode and enjoy! When I play a reguler server get kick in 3mins! Be patient and support will be added to your games.

Windows 7 Punkbuster fix

The signatures are downloaded from their master servers when a player connects. Can someone to a quick round-up of wich combos work?

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Results 1 – 25 of Dont get me wrong like the game and love windows 7 but the lack cox2 support is a pain… HELP anyone????? I have tried on Windows 7 Ultimare 64 bit.


None of these have worked for Win 7 32bit updated pd and 1. I know its the holidays and people are still out on leave, so there program/driger still hope for an answer. Do it like http: Hi im use win 7 Build rc x32 and cod 4 and tried evryfing and pb is kik me im try to subscribe pb!!

Seems to be working ok for now, but have only tested for about an hour or 2. I have given up on my own solution and tried a mix of jimbonbon disallowwd http: Like EvenBalance said there is a programme that is clashing with PunkBuster.

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I hope program//driver will be a solution…. When I view services without the game running I only see pnkbstrA, no B. You need both lines for it to work. If you have previously disallowed Discord access to your mic in Firefox, you will need to.