Once the ball flies, it travels accurately. Is there anything else I can do to improve the num- ber of visitors? Shift-chcking on any point in Ae scroU bar lands you at that point in the document. All work and no play Every included item, however, is accompanied by generous helpings of high-quality video. Lounge Lizard by PatriciaiLpe Another full-service package, with a seiecbbn of match- ing desktop and utility patterns for a complete thematic makeover. Then the sphere is deleted.

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The object of the game is to make your Zampolis pop balloons. Hey, Martin, why not just call it Hash5?

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Bear in mind that scroll boxes, un- like some other elements, can be as big as you like. Mac programmer for Unreal, one of the most hyped games ofand it looks like they might be able to make it look better on the Mac than on the PC. But features such as unlimited levels of undo and scalable vector text will surely make Photoshop- only users jealous. Because the texture maps can be edited or removed at any time, you can go back and create a more dramatic effect by adding a little Fractal Turbulence to the Bump Map.

Protected against loss by accidental deletion, idle cor- ruption, even from hitting the save key and over writing your file.

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BC Software sells perforated index card sheets separately, so you can neatly print these cards. Keep up the good work and your sense of humor. Partitioning your drive with Hard Disk ToolKit is relatively easy. If you think all scanners are pretty much alike, you’re partially right. This is one sophisticated animation tool. Support for stage- screen- and television-formatted scripts. Keyboard datashrf are small files that tell the Mac which characters are assigned to which keys on the keyboard; they are used primarily in countries in which two or more languages are used frequently.


Real-time manipulation of giant files. As you move simulated index cards or outUne entries, the script updates to reflect changes. Quicken, and the Quicken logo are trademarks of Inuit, Inc. All the while, the cute gnomes clap to the music which is also reminiscent of Lemmings and do amaz- ing flips as they fly through the air with the greatest of ease.

For help, we turn to our Macs — and hopefully some great tax software. If you want to get rid of datasyrf few lines, columns, or rows, you reach for the digital eraser. Format the drive with Hard Disk ToolKit 2.

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Newsstand distribution is handled by Curtis Circuiatfon Co. The elegant way Mask Pro brings together such diverse masking tools into one centralized, comprehensive interface is perhaps its best feature. A Creator code tells the Finder where a file came from, and a Type code tells the Finder what kind of file it is. Kids pick from eight basic puz- zle themes, such as Oops Hoops, in which they 56j objects in matching hoops, and Balloon Popper, In which they search out and deploy the missing part of machinery needed to pop a balloon.


And now you do, too.

So come by our website and see which processor is right for your particular machine. Now quit all open applications, and double-click the System file. When you save a document by selecting Save As from the File menu, you are choosing a Type for that document.

The Finder was rewritten to use all native code for Mac OS 8. However, Carmageddon is a well-designed game.

When the installer finishes, restart and then select the correct setup in the Modem control panel. For instance, home-based busi- ness operators can deduct a portion of the cost of their homes from their income. Includes a restructuring chafi’e df. We look at seven great utilities that may change the way you use your Mac— for the better, by kevin m.

Surf Express works invisibly, but it comes vtith a control panel that displays statistics and provides the flexibility to tweak settings even though the defaults are fine for most users.