HEST is not enabled! Using dummy APIC emulation. Since it takes a few hours to build on my little ALIX board, I’ll come back when it is finished and report if it worked. I installed FreeBSD i Due to Jessie’s move to systemd, Flashybrid package has a serious bug that makes it unable to work: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

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This driver was previously called amd. If it’s in anonymous memory, it’s most likely JIT-compiler output. I was curious, so I searched some more: Installation is the same as for any semi-embedded platform. Last edited Mon 12 Dec I have a running ALIX.

Even the OSes listed on the manufacturer’s site seem mostly outdated or special-purpose. Adjusting V8 to support non-SSE x86 processors is a pain and a lot of effort. The other possibility is the problem instructions are in Javascript functions that were JIT-compiled.

Post as a guest Name.

It runs voyage linux, a debian jessi based distribution for resource restricted embedded devices. GX1 works since X server 1.


You are totally right. MFD add devices failed: After being deedless for a while, Geodr have also been experimenting with Slackware lately. Original answer left below as a generic guide to investigating this kind of issue for other programs.

Legacy x87 FPU detected. Here’s a full console-level dmesg of my initial Slackware setup with some gpsd and NTPsec ntpd added, which was the goal of today’s project.

Debian — Details of source package xserver-xorg-video-geode in stretch

Does it have a mode that doesn’t take advantage of running on ia32 or x? The problem is that, on fh-sync command, there is no sync and the mount gets at busy state To ease things, Geoee used an alix1d VGA board, I still have to try on several alix2 series board I have, but I have never had problems swapping CFs from board to board thanks to Linux kernel flexibility.

That would be faster, once you get a build environment set up. The following tables detail the current development roadmap.



The rest of the screen is black. Total of 1 processors activated I’d guess that qemu should be robust enough, though. I use it with Arch Linux.

For me, gedoe most prominent drawbacks of Slackware that I learned so far are. AutoConfig support LX works since X server 1. The MX Linux repositories: Amazing config options and very low on resources, I’m pretty sure it would work on a year old Pentium I.

Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? If you install it to your harddriveit’s a minimal Debian installation configured to be light sebian resources. Unfortunatelly, uname -m still delivers i GX2 works since X server 1. HEST is not enabled!