Despite the more powerful components inside the Schenker MRU , i. The 17 inch display with a resolution of x pixels had average measurement results. Five LEDs inform about the left capacity, if you press a button. In order to cope with the demands on a daily hard working workstation, only high-quality materials were used. One thing I appreciated was a third touchpad button to allow easier control of tabs during web browsing. The size of the touchpad surface was large enough for comfortable control, and the surface texture had a smooth matte feel.

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The Dell Precision M as configured has more than enough speed and storage space to handle most users needs. Backlight adjustment was very broad, allowing me to adjust low enough for darker room settings, and bright enough to still be readable in sunlight or a bright m6300. Review Dell Precision M Notebook.

Review Dell Precision M6300 Notebook

Pressing down very firmly, the keyboard suffers from virtually zero flex. However, we couldn’t discover the way it works and its impact on the system during our test.

The fan, which was sometimes activated for a short time, increased the noise level to Dell Precision M on Ciao. Key travel is similar to most business notebooks with just a bit less clicking sound than what we hear on ThinkPads in our office.

The M handles heat as if the notebook is barely working … even with the processors are crunching ethrnet and the SSD is actively reading and writing data. The space bar is sufficiently big and the enter key extends over two rows. The cursor keys are a little more at the front and have a distance to other keys. The M offers a wide range of hardware configurations, as well as a 64GB Samsung SSD for the businesses that require extreme ruggedness and extreme performance.


An improvement is only possible by the alternatively offered Solid State Disk SSDwhose capacity is only 32GB and which costs depending on the base configuration about A fingerprint reader is an option too.

DELL Precision M Notebook Windows XP, Vista Drivers, Applications, Updates | Notebook Drivers

So, these are ideal for varying demands, e. The M provides a docking port, which is a mandatory interface for notebooks designed for professionals.

This video adapter is based on the Geforce M GT chipwhich explains the similar benchmark results. The part above the keyboard is, typical Dell not absolutely tight.

DELL Precision M6300 Notebook Windows XP, Vista Drivers, Applications, Updates

etehrnet The simple look and feel is matched with an even stronger and more durable chassis. A security feature of the Precision M is also the Smartcard Reader.

The M’s case is definitely sufficiently stable for regularly carrying it from one place to another. Under normal web browsing use the 9-cell battery performed quite well, pushing out 3 hours and 42 minutes of life before going into hibernation mode at two percent.

PCMark05 overall system performance comparison results higher scores indicate better performance: Therefore, the mobility is limited and the standard working place is the desktop. Like most of the Latitude and Precision notebooks, the Dell Precision M is a simply refined “down to business” look.


Port selection was not a problem, although I would have enjoyed ethernett a HDMI port, but the inclusion of a DVI port is a reasonable compromise and probably more useful in a corporate environment. The case of the Dell Precision M is in general the same than the one of the already reviewed Dell Precision M90, which we already reviewed. The only weak part is once again above the keyboard, where the case slightly yields under pressure.

The Cinebench R10 benchmark test confirms this.

The pad is equipped with three buttonswith an especially big travelwhich proved to be very user-friendly, although you’ll need some time to get used to them. We show the least amount of ads whenever possible. Each position is well supported by the huge hinges, Especially CAD users will confirm my statement, that one never has enough desktop size for video applications and visualizationslike, e.

Even though this has no impact on the usability of the M, the good overall impression slightly diminishes, del of this detail. The size of the keys and the keyboard layout are alright. The SSD option, while expensive, significantly improves both durability and performance of ethenet workstation.