I’ll report long term, but so far, so good. Thanks again, Dan M. I found that the card does, in fact, work without any drivers whatsoever under We’ve had only a short time to play with the beta drivers for the TX, but so far, in general, they seem to play nice with existing NICs in older beige G3 and PCI boxes whose 10 Base T speeds needed the augmentation of a faster card at the price of a precious PCI slot. I quickly agreed and “buzz click” it told me the port was now ready. Recently, lightning struck in our front yard, wiping out the ethernet port on my Power PC G4.

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Running OS X Nvidia launches GeForce Now ‘recommended router’ program So you don’t have to muck around with the settings on your gaming router.

Hopefully, Apple will update their plugin in the wake of their new partnership with Intel. After installing it in my G4 Sawtooth under OS Sometimes it has issues connecting.

Very inexpensive way to get a Gig ethernet card. I thought I would send along my experience even though there did not seem to be alot of recent activity.


In general just check the old way for whats supported: HTH Cheers Frederico “. After doing that, I got a message saying a that new ethernet card had been detected, and that I should click “Apply” to start using it. All brand or product names mentioned are properties of their respective companies.

The installer noted that: It works on both machines without drivers. I know this works also in The Apple ethernet card is nearly impossible to find dfe-530gx what Apple has available is way over priced.

I found from the system profiler that this card did not have the realtek chip even though the name is similar.

Works like a charm. The driver location has changed to the bottom of this Realtek. It even takes a press of the front panel doink button to restart it to get it back. I had to upgrade to I did a speed test using a large file and an scp transfer to G5 tower through a Netgear gigabit switch and I found that the file transfered at 5. According to Realtek the readme talks about PCI cards it should also work with cardbus adapters.

I know we updated to OS X Vfe-530tx Gigabit Ethernet card added Marc ” http: See below for links to driver page with OS 9. Yet another Netgear GA success. Ethernet doesn’t work in 9. I always visit sponsors through your links.


D-Link DFE-530TX+ – network adapter

Thank you for the great resource. All files are Windows related.

I got the card on eBay for 12 bucks. I picked it at a PC macc store so I could not get any info on how it would perform in a Mac.

Mac OS X PCI Ethernet Card Compatibility reports

Was able to select either of my 2 enet interfaces now Dfe-503tx. You have to follow the directions and compile the driver but even though the author had never tested it on a cardbus card, just on PCI, it works well enough to suit me. One discussion explained that there was a problem with the.