Do Xilinx tolerate the cable cloners, or do Xilinx consider them IP thieves who are stealing food from the family table so to speak? I do not know Xilinx’ official position on these clones. If I write a good post, then I have been good for nothing. I am not paid for forum posts. Do not post the same question on multiple forums. Read the manual or user guide. I only mentioned eBay becasue they often have older, and used equipment for sale.

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Perhaps because they have not tried it? Otherwise, I would have looked at it, and read off all the numbers on it.

Xilinx Platform Cable USB II DLC10 JTAG Emulator Programmer

You’ll see DLC10 mention in the datasheet and the picture I povided above. I do not know Xilinx’ official position on these clones. At the very least, if I run into any trouble, it will be harder for them to help me remotely if the software, driver, or hardware connections are different in any way from their setup. We encourage all disposal of our old devices to use shredders and obey the proper environmental laws in doing so.

Read the manual or user guide. And present themselves with an otherwise valid looking logo, partetc. Attack doc10 the clones.


We do not consider them “theives.

The dcl10 “Platform USB” had several variant: Xlinx only supports products that are purchased from authorized distributors: We have model engineeringmarketing description, and ordering respectively. One can go to the legal pages on xilinx.

dpc10 Provide useful details with webpage, datasheet links, please. Do not post a new topic or question on someone else’s thread, start a new thread! This last category of counterfeiting is a serious problem, and one we actively work to suppress as it reflects poorly on our superior reliability record.

There are folks who take scrap Xilinx devices, and clean them up, and sell them for new. I had one of those red pods that I had been using with my XUPV5 pcb, but I gave it away with the pcb to someone who needed it recently as I was not using it any longer. I only mentioned eBay becasue they often have older, and used equipment for sale. There are authorised clonesof course, which is an entirely different matter.

If they are considered thieves, then I will not promote them in these forums. Thank you for the help! Reverse-engineering is perfectly legal, so there is nothing I will or can do to prevent someone from making a copy of a USB priogramming cable.

But, if you are confident that the new model should cover any download that the DLC10 can do, then I might be willing to give it a try.


But we still didn’t’ buy it out of principle though we both had a good laugh. The problem is that I cannot find that model for purchase anywhere online. Contact your distributor if you have specific questions, or ask your local Xilinx FAE And, even if there is something patented in there, or a trade secret, it isn’t likely anyone here is going to get excited.

Xilinx Platform Cable USB II Dlc10 Boxed With Papers & Cable May Be New. | eBay

So, anything that is xolinx outside of Xilinx distribution, or from a non-Xilinx maker, is their problem, not ours. I was not able to find anything on eBay searched for “xilinx dlc10” and got nothing. I do not know why they think another tool will not work for this. Bob, We do not consider them “theives. I’ll repeat in case you didn’t see my posts above.

Why did they say you can not use the new cable?