Show pagesource Old revisions. Again, the configuration file provided by the sources is rather well commented. DSPAM source code is available on http: While the examples in this documentation are mostly based on the Hash Driver, you will probably chose to use another type of backend. Just comment out the line and that will silence the maintenance script.

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If a user dictionary is not sufficient to classify a message, then it ask the opinion of the members of Global, by traversing the chain of members until a formal decision is reached.

Setting up a group is rather simple, the hardest part is to determine dspa correct group for your environment, and then to monitor the behavior over several weeks.

RPM resource dspam-hash

Hasn overcome the problem of performance, other modes of learning exist. No surprise, it’s written in Perl. The cron job that is installed with the dspam package has an implicit dependency upon the hash storage engine, because it installs cssclean, and the cron job executes cssclean. DSPAM starts its operations with empty dictionaries.

We will therefore put the following in crontab: After installing the dspam package under Fedora Vspam 13 FC13the dspam daily cron job failed, becuase it could not locate the cssclean executable. Comment 11 Gary Funck ds;am The default and most straightforward backend to configure is the Hash Driver. In the same situation, the WORD tokenizer is able to identify individual words onlyand not their combination.


Markov is an improved version of bcr that can tell if a token is very specific eg, 5 of 5 words and multiply its impact on the pValue times greater than a token with a single word. Recent changes Sitemap Login. So it’s recommended to leave it until you have a better solution to retrain spam. DSPAM has a feature to re-train when an email jash automatically issued to those aliases.

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This is the module that will break up content, making each piece into a token, and store the token’s unique hash in the user dictionary. It does, however, lack some features such as merged groups support and uses a lot of memory to mmap users.

DSPAM source code is available on http: DSPAM’s hash driver stores a large amount of information, be it for tokens or history. This approach to machine-learning provides much higher levels of accuracy than commercial “hodge-podge” solutions, and with minimal resources. Cours message de test 10 mots c’est pas assez long pour un troll.

If you are unable to change the version, please add a comment here and someone will do it for you. This file should contain one line per user, the username is the user’s complete email address. If a user’s behavior is different from the rest of the group, it will disrupt the whole group, starting with himself. DSPAM is a scalable and open-source content-based spam filter designed for multi-user enterprise systems.


Saturday 29th of December DSPAM’s best recorded levels of accuracy have included For example, the default configuration does not deliver spam to users, but place them in quarantine.

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Dspqm is, however, added at the end of the message informing the user that the message has been a re-trained. I could even just add a line ‘Example’ before the commented driver line like they do in clamav packages so that you have to rspam that before anything functions DSPAM should run in daemon mode. DSPAM was originally written by Jonathan Zdziarski, an American developer, infollowing his research on the classification of spam.

While the examples in this documentation are mostly based on the Hash Driver, you will probably chose to use another type of backend. By enabling the debug trace in dspam.

This principle of inoculation also allows user to define a bin, a honeypot for spam, which receive only spam and will thus accelerate the learning for everyone. Comment 2 Gary Funck